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Blade And Soul: KFM in PvP as an FM

Usually once they get me into a stun, I'm more or less dead but. I think I found a way to beat them. I was just jump attack over and over again and he had a hard time stun locking me lol. I donno if this really works but in the PvP.

I don't know much about KFM skills, but it seems they have huge damage potential at the beginning/middle of a match, and then they just run out of steam and can't do anything (really bad cooldowns?). So if you focus on just surviving the KFM's onslaught you can eventually make a comeback. I've won quite a few against KFM when I only had 10% health left. 

KFM is the direct counter class to FM on current patch. Every 8s KFM can use SS + LMB to get close/knockdown you to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. If you hit their block, they can also dash to you, ignoring chill stacks. Their Ice Flower also lets them to drop all chill stacks and rush.

You need to be patient and careful when fighting KFM. You can't hit them into iframes. I recommend grabbing them as fast as possible to make them waste their grab escape and put it on 60s cd. Your goal is to freeze them in one place right AFTER they use their SS and attack them from behind. 

KFM does not counter FM at all, only counter to FM is BM and it is the least countering counter compared to other class counters. If they SS just to Tiger's Pounce it should be a free win. FM is god mode until 50 patch if you know how to abuse Ice Soul freeze spam. 

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