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Nothing is impossible in Blade And Soul

At level 45, you have two 24m dungeons to do that have dailies. Combined, these dungeons take me about an hour and a half to complete, and I don't really rush through it. After that (when you have true profane weapon or higher) you should also do Mushins tower dailies after those. Just one of the dailies alone from Mushins tower yield 1g and 30s on its own BNS Gold. All of that takes me about 2 hours maybe 2 and a half. Afterwards I do the faction dailies/pvp dailies. All of this combined takes me about 3 hours, and that's with me taking my time and also soloing the dailies. 

TLDR:It's definitely easy to make money at 45, especially with all the dailies and such. Should be even easier for you since you said you craft, that'll yield you some extra money on the side. 

Yes, it's playable and definitely doable if you only spend 2-3 hours on the game. In your OP you said you don't wanna spend 6-8 hours (which is definitely a lot, and not necessary unless you want to farm some outfits and have some extra time to waste) but then a few posts after you said you don't even have 2-3 hours of time which is the amount of time casuals (like myself) spend on the game. So, you might wanna clarify how much time you actually have to spend. 6-8 hours is easy to spend on the game but not necessary at all, 2-3 hours is more like it to make all the gold you want. So decide that for yourself, there really isn't many games out there where you can spend 30 minutes-1 hour and have all the best things, gold, etc. 

Once you hit lvl 39, it's where you start saving gold for the rest of your upgrades. Always look at how much a weapon feed and evolution will cost you, and be sure you still have some to spare for wind striding and other important supplies. True Infernal weapon is enough to get you through moonwater dailies, gather up what you can to focus on pushing for Awakened Profane. From there you can continue pushing that to True Profane, which will then be enough to board Poh and Bsh 24 man dailies. There you'll start making some good amount of gold.

Yeah, that first time that you need a moonwater transformation stone to upgrade your weapon is a bit of a shock, as the upgrade path progresses pretty smoothly until that point. Especially since you tend to get the unlock weapon around level 40, if you have Blade & Soul Power leveling, but you won't have the gold to get the upgrade stone until 45 most likely. Granted, the infernal weapon is fine enough to reach 45, but it still feels weird having the breakthrough weapon for 4-5 levels before you can actually use it.

I do wish that the story quest line, or maybe a survey, gave 1 (untradable) moonwater transformation stone around level 42-43. That would help a lot to ease the transition to 45, without damaging the market (you'll still need a lot of moonwater stones to upgrade past siren).

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