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The Diamond Gems in Blade And Soul

Considering there are 4 different Diamond Gems to receive, and if you consistently pulled 3/10 I'd call that luck. I've never had much of that. So I'll stick to the safe side and be the one selling my crafted Pouches :/

I could also add that I watch the market closely and know the 25 AP goes for 25g still currently. So you'd have to pull 3 to make a profit, because even if they were 30g each and only got 2, you'd be at a loss after marketplace fees.

On the topic of dailies, I have 4 45s. The only dailies I do are the faction dailies + Tomb of Exiles. That is 19 Soulstones equaling 74 a day. I sell them all for about 26-27g at current market Blade And Soul Gold. Sitting on Awakened Pirate on my Sin, and regretting upgrading while the prices are so high. You should sell all you Soulstones while prices are so high, anhttp://www.blade-soul.com/d buyback or save once they are down to ~24s each. That would mean you saved 10g (or 10g profit) 

I'm working from home past week and something aka I have tons of free time and just this morning I managed to get 40 tears and 1 harry potter design soloing the damn dungeon.

Otherway is selling ncoins.considering the fact you need few thousands of gold to have it ez when 50 patch come I'm waiting the price to jump abit more.Was 1g/100 coins then 1.5g/100 now is 2g/100.Soon price will jump even more. 

Pre-45 though, the game does hide a lot of avoidable costs. I didn't even realize that the game charges you for remotely turning in quests (cost seems to scale to your level - lower level quests cost more to remotely turn in than they award you) until a few days ago.

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