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Blade And Soul: it can be explained mate

She explained it as best as it can be explained mate.
TERA runs on UE3 as well. Same issue there.
Watch the last video again with Blade And Soul Gold. Look at the CPU usage and GPU usage.
CPU is barely breaking 50% usage (With some 70% usage spikes; natural given the amount of things being processed) and the GPU is not even at 30% usage. This is because the engine isn't utilizing all the cores properly (CPU), which is a common issue with UE3 in these type of scenarios and the GPU did it's part and rendered what it was told to render. A GTX 980 Ti is a powerhouse for an UE3 game.

One could argue "bottleneck" on CPU, as the helper cores are chipping in, but this is a DX9 game and coded so that only core 1 is mainly utilized. The rest only help a tiny bit. If it was a DX11 or DX12 game, we'd have a lot to discuss.
No, it's extremely unlike NCSOFT will recode the game around DX11 or DX12 in case you're wondering. 

But like others have said its not 100% optimized no.. U3 in a MMO. But I gotta say its good enough from what I have experienced atleast. Both Beta and in Japan. 

It's incredibly unlikely you could get 60fps, let alone stable 60fps in a 24-man raid, but it isn't hard to make mild graphic adjustments for that stuff to get a good 30 or in it.
AA and shadows are usually the best to Blade & Soul Items. Especially the AA which does basically nothing at a pretty decent cost. (force it via the gpu if you want a difference)
I remember the days when they first introduced Nexus in TERA. No optimization + whole server in one place at a certain time. One of my guild mates used to have around 5 seconds per frame, yes, seconds per frame. The best performance I've seen then was someone with a 2k euro PC that had around 10 fps - on minimum details of course.

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