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My piercing is like 12% in Blade And Soul

With 5 tower/3 bsh, my piercing is like 12%. I think it's from my accessories... and it's not even true siren yet, still at awakened. Once Blade-Soul gets all of them to true, my piercing and accuracy will be much higher.

And honestly, I think anyone should just use whatever. Full BSH, Full tower. mix, wtf ever. Lv. 45 content doesn't even count for anything, IMO. Just wasting time until level 50 stuff is here and that's whttp://www.blade-soul.com/hen the fun begins.

You'll have the max crit with either mix but if you want to go full bsh instead of a mix you'll end up with 300 more pierce but 100 less crit. Considering most of the endgame bosses on level 45 only need 10% pierce that's why most people prefer to go with more crit

Anyways for maximum crit you just need BSH 3/5/7 and Mushin 2. The rest of the pieces can roll the same crit. Of course going 5:3 lets you get the most out of set bonuses, but Mushin is a huge pain in the ass to get maximum rolls on HP/Primary stat (literally hundreds of unsealing charms) so it's

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