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I have a problem in Blade And Soul

I'm currently having this problem, there is an image below show you how it looks like. And of course, the error was so obvious as the solution, ''restart the launcher''. But does it work with BNS Gold? That's why I'm here. Here are things that I have attempted:
1. Restart the launcher multiple times
2. Reboot my computer
3. Uninstall and reinstall
4. Download the pre-installed NCWest & NCSoft folders
5. Even with this link right here: http://launcher.patc...uncherSetup.exe . Still nope.
None of these helps. 

http: //imgur .com/9GnFy U 6

Somehow I can't add a link, please copy, paste then delete the spaces between the letters to see it

I'm a poor, lonely soul, please help me at least to find a tiny joy in life ;_;


Edit : Oh and once I did reinstallation, I always open via the short cut on my desktop, but that still doesn't help 

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