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Blade And Soul: Culture is different in JP,Korea

It's not stupid, It's a very interesting system other Countries use for Internet. While I prefer a "Free" Internet. The Idea of being held accountable for your actions makes me happy. Would help with so many angry people online. 
You should google some Internet rules from around the world, It's a fun read.

Having said that, This type of system wouldn't work in US/EU. And to some up all your questions, The Culture is different in JP,Korea. In JP it's rude/insulting to Tip, It's like saying you're paying me extra to do with my Blade And Soul Items. While in America it's rude not to tip. So what i'm trying to say is the mentality to cheat isn't their like it is in the states. 

Many online games have a unique token that is passed during online gaming. This token is often related directly or indirectly to the CD (install) key included with the game when it's purchased. Only by uninstalling and reinstalling with a new CD key will get you around being banned. This type of ban may also include websites that require specific plug-in applications such as Flash. You would want to uninstall any of these plug-ins and reinstall them. This *may* allow you to get passed this type of ban. 

To be serious here, people complain about pve, Blade-Soul complains about how arena is fucking up 3rf combo tongue.gif Anyway, i just came here from wow because its pvp after so many years and rank 1s i got bored. Esl tournements seemed interesting but i dont really understand how they can accept a such shitty game where everyones is lagging. 

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