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Blade And Soul All Seriousness

In all seriousness I am not angry or anything at the OP, they wish to do something I don't approve of... People do this all the time and will continue to do so for everyone throughout everyone's life. I am actually frustrated that people do not realize they are applying a double standard.

Def Double Standard
a rule or principle that is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups.

Eg. Group trading kills to get rank in arena *not okay*, Group trading kills to get achievement and title *okay*

My frustration was with the people who went the double standard route, because that enables special exceptions for Blade-Soul Gold. Bots to level are okay, but not to gold farm. I guess I am too excited, I latched onto an argument because it set me off. Double standards are a pet phttp://www.blade-soul.com/eeve of mine. 

Meaning after you left guild to do PK. You won't be able to switch back to your own facation to join the guild back unless it's past 7 days.

and we all know how hard it is to do OWPVP, getting 1000 kills the normal would take some times. which is why the OP trying to get it done early. He also point out the losing progress on faction rank too. 

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