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Albion fame shouldn't cross over

Clearly a difference of perspectives, but yes I did indeed read the entire thread. This is just one man's opinion but:

I think perhaps simply rephrasing your subject or concept from tools as weapons to tools being used in the weapon slot makes a sizeable difference in interpretation. I believe the later to be a reasonable approach, the former not so much. Tools shouldn't be substitutes for weapons and combat / gathering / crafting fame shouldn't cross over.

That doesn't mean there shouldn't be a core area where all aspects of the game tie back into (e.g. stats) -- think Venn Diagram. This is why I, and perhaps only I, believe my post to be completely on topic, not a misplaced rant. It seems to me that so many Albion Online Gold of the proposed solutions are metaphoric bandages to the symptoms rather than addressing the systemic issues that are causing these symptoms.

Also, as stated, this is a PvP centric game. That doesn't change the fact that other ways to enjoy the game shouldn't exist but they will always be a slave to the primary mechanic which is PvP. I don't see the direction of that changing any time soon. I think your attempts to provide solutions for the game are valiant but likely in vain.

I fought many changes and still do. While following up some user rants and developer comments, i found the conclusion for myself, that AO is wanted to be a pure PvP game (and has a minor interest in sandbox)
SI is creating a gaming experience based on player vs player combat. I hate PvP! I (edited my rant out, sorry ) But it is still the main part of their game desing.

So instead of trying to change something i don't like, i offer my help and feedback, to find new ways of improving the game experience and AO Silver inside the possible boundaries of SI's concept. It might sound to you, like it is "in vain", but the developers listen and try to adapt, whenever they see fit.

And that is why i am trying to have this discussion going on and filtering out a "maybe" good solution for gatherers and crafters, where we are not slaves to PvP, but suppliers of goods with a fair chance, to have fun while doing it

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