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A bunch of different types in Albion

I was discussing an idea with some friends on stream the other night about gathering. We came up with the idea that Artifact Tools would be cool. Either having the artifacts drop in scraps or as pieces in dungeons (which would get traders more involved in dungeons and such) or make the scraps drop from gathering nodes. The artifact tools could either allow for same tier Albion Online Silver to be gathered at that tier (at the moment, for example, tier 4.2 ore takes a tier 5 pickaxe, not tier 4) or allow for gathering of higher level resources than currently trained. the tools could be easily broken or expensive to repair, making the trade off not too op. Maybe even give some a gathering amount buff or gathering time reduction.

There could be a bunch of different types for different styles of play.and/or the tools when equipped could give relevant skills that aid in the gathering process. aka dashes, stealth, movement speed buffs, disengages.the penalty is much too high. when you die once you stay in a random city without equip without silver for DAYS having nothing because of killing a couple (5-6) people in a pvp zone which attacked YOU because you are marked for pvp?

If you dont want to pvp in this area dont call them PVP LIMITED. Its pvp idiotism. I have rep -605 now and didnt attack anybody, only killed people attacking me. i cant join cities or my island until 1,5 DAYS.
why cant i join my island?Sorry but the reputation system as its now is useless bullshit. it destroys pvp. it destroys fun.If you want pussy flower albion online silver farming areas call them "flower island" not "PVP limited" or "PVP".

Let us pay a small sub fee to play on pure servers. Zero microtransactions, no gold sale, no memberships with bonuses. This server would have no impact on the main server, its not for those players, but for people who want to play Albion but are turned off by the cash shop and membership rewards.

I like the premise of Albion a lot, but its entirely ruined by gold and membership bonuses. I see absolutely no reason to play a game based around gathering/crafting/economics when people can pay real Albion Online Gold to gain such huge bhttp://www.albionmall.com/onuses. I want to look at a character and say "Damn, he really invested a lot of dedicated into getting that" and not "Damn, I wonder how much he spent on getting that".

But that is beside the point. The point is; pure servers. Small sub fee, no cash shop, no microtransactions, no membership. No bull manure.

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