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Albion Online: Rep system doesn't do anything only for solo

The game is already going to be nearly free to play at launch. The account itself at the moment worth few dollars, the content is what makes most of the price. The account just push you to buy currency and premium in advance to support the game initially. And it's a way to "gate" some of the Albion Online Silver and account spamming from botters. If it goes free to play with an empty account, in reality it's not THAT different from now, save for the perception of it for the one who do not think hard enough. It would actually benefit mobile users with a lower barrier of entry once it's released in app stores officially. Then yes, their current world is likely going to be again small. but will likely also to balance out once out of the usual release or this hypothetical case the peak, the population stabilise.

Rep system doesn't do anything only for solo and duo-trio pvp groups. But rep system is pretty huge problem for any small gangs with more people - they literally cant live in red zone, they cant camp gates and cant destroy game for solo and very-small groups of players. It's pretty nice.

There are 2 biggest problems right now:
1) Maps has no information about players in red zone, it's nearly impossible to understand, is there someone here or no. The problem makes a lot harder process of looking for other players to interact with them. Actually it's like lottery - worst possible design for compete game.
2) Claymore and meditation destroys open pvp world. There are no point to go in pvp zone while any claymore user will kill you in any case, you cant kill him or run away from him. So for open pvp you need get AO Silver and friends or pick claymore by yourself. Same shit with meditation spell.

Game is boring as hell now, albion just isnt fun anymore, the changes backfired big time. Most of the big guilds hate the systems now. And worst, for everything to be fixed again, we will see another 1 year beta. Same excurses "we want to make the game last 4ver" . Ended up breaking the game. The way the game was back on the first beta was awesome, just needed to fix the defender bonus of territories and zam we would be nice again. Of course the biomes looking really cool, but even so i prefer how it was back in the day.

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