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Albion Online: In the long beta leveling meant something

I appreciate your input but I fail to understand how macro-economics are at all relevant in this situation. All you're basically saying is that if(when) enough people attempt to p2w that at some point they will not be able to do so effectively anymore. That's cool. You're saying p2w is fine as long as not too many people do it because you only have a system in place to combat a lot of people doing it. A simple situation like this shows that p2w in albion online gold market is real right now. You can pay money to affect the outcome of a GvG. These high-end GvG's are also the highest stakes battles in the game.

Also, I see a lot of people bringing up the point that because this game is full loot and people can easily die with their bought gear Albion is not pay to win. That's not how pay to win works people! You're comparing a stupid player with bought gear to a good player who grinded for his gear and arguing that we should be happy to farm these wales that pay to win. Guess what? Good players are also free to buy gold and it most definitely affects their chances in the game. The added fact that this is a guild-based game only makes this pay to win effect compound.

What you should consider is bringing back territories in redzones and the scaling of zones so that the high-end zones have no restrictions but mid- and lower-end zones have a soft cap, for GvG's that is. Big zerg guilds are OP right now because they have the man power to hold down a large area on the map and they have tonnes of gatherers that don't have to worry about anything else to Buy Albion Online Silver. Small guilds have really gotten the short end of the stick this test as we find that our main fighters are now forced to gather 10+ hours a day to avoid losing everything we've worked for. We're kind of hoping it stops around t6 but this grind turned out to be no fun at all. I guess I'm mixing in a lot of issues right now but that it just the result of the many chances you made to the game. I will try to write up a more structured post later with more specific feedback.

They plan to flatten out the top end gear power curve in structured fights and maybe also do it in the whole game.So like I said it will take you weeks and months to level up your gear, and then it will mean nothing as its no better than the previous tier. All you gain for spending months leveling up to tier 8 and doing raids to get artifacts will be to change the colour of your armour and weapons.

I do not know what is happening to this game. They slow the game down with the amount of fame you need to level. I have no issues with this. but to then say you intend to make those levels mean nothing does not make sense.
Its like they want a call of duty type of game where we are all in the same gear yet we have to fame albion online silver farming for months to wear some of it.SI seems to be going in several different directions and in my view its not working.

In the long beta leveling meant something and it took work to be in top gear. But it was something that you could do if you worked at it.The game has become impossible to get into to get into top end gear without RL money and now they are saying it will not even be worth wearing it anyway.

SI had created a really interesting game to play. I had not played a game so much since EQ 1 and DaoC came out. However I am finding it more and more likely I will not be playing this game on release.

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