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Medical Assistant Responsibilities

You’re thinking of enrolling in one of the many medical assistant programs in PA, but you don’t really know what a medical assistant does. There are many different types of medical assistants, and your exact responsibilities will differ depending on who hires you. However, there are some basic things you can expect after passing one of the medical assistant programs in PA. This is a list of the common things you will be doing on the job.

Record Patient Data

As you have probably experienced when going to a doctor’s office, there is usually someone who does some basic work before the doctor sees you. The assistant will often record data such as height, weight, blood pressure and other common information that goes into your medical history.

The assistant does this so that the doctor has more time to see patients, and it also allows the doctor to focus more on treating the patient’s condition or doing any work he or she has to do.

Perform Procedures

Some offices will make you perform common procedures with the doctor’s direction and supervision. You may have to administer injections, or you might take blood from patients depending on the procedure and the office.

If you enroll in one of the clinical medical assistant programs in PA, then you might also have to run some tests or operate equipment while the doctor sees the patient. Some assistants also help during surgery, but that is less common.


Many medical assistants also have to schedule appointments and procedures so that the doctor never has a conflicting schedule. This is typically for those that enrolled in administrative Medical Assistant Programs in PA, but some smaller offices may require other types of medical assistants to help with the administrative tasks.



A medical assistant has a lot of work to do, but it often isn’t that difficult after going through one of the medical assistant programs in PA. Your main job is to help the doctor with his or her basic tasks, and you might have to do some more complex work like operating equipment or assisting during surgery. For a better idea of what you will exactly do when you get the job, you should ask the other assistants or the doctor when you go through the hiring process.
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