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Think about the fact that if you are doing just a ultracod tablets
diet and you’re not dealing with your belief system,
then when you reach your goal of X amount of pounds
lost, you still will not have changed your lifestyle and
you will not see yourself as someone who has truly
created change. Will you experience long-term success, peace, and happiness
with this approach? Not a chance.
But through our program, you have the opportunity to transform your
body, your mind, and your life—together at once.With a little faith in yourself,
together with the NutriSystem Nourish program backing you up, you
can reshape your mind so that it can take you and your body anywhere you
want to go.
3. Use Your “Mental Floss”
Most of our thoughts are recycled. That’s good news if you are one of the
few positive and optimistic thinkers around. However, that’s not-so-good
news if you are among the majority of folks who tend toward limited and
small thinking. Even if you don’t mean to be pessimistic, if what’s running
through your head is anything less than encouraging, you’re constantly
hearing negative ideas and opinions, and trust me, you’re listening.
Some of us have more baggage than others and some of us struggle to
envision new ways. But in one way or another, if you’re going to succeed
with weight loss and changing your destructive patterns for good, you need
to clear out the bad stuff in your mind and start anew. In the same way you
established previous patterns of thinking, you now need to create new ones.
Those negative messages didn’t arrive there overnight. It took time and cultivation ultracod tablets
for them to grow strong. And of all the emotions that we can experience,
there’s not one more damaging and paralyzing to weight-loss success
than guilt or shame. The negativity they cause can be enough to keep hope
at bay, and you from realizing your true potential. What good could they
ever offer you?
To succeed, you need to let go of any old, haunting beliefs about yourself.
If you’re courageous and face those things that bring you down, you can
bring the healing emotions of compassion and acceptance into this process
now. Compassion and acceptance of you—you and all of your humanness,
your beauty and awkwardness, your failures and successes, and your life
lived up to now—can be gained through your new soft and accepting eyes.
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