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Dance projekt

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Annyeong everybody long time no see<----Act innocent
I've been so busy (Doing everything else than this blog)studying so hard that there haven't been time for the blog.^^ But now "We baack"<-- Seriously that wall to wall song is stuck like gum to a shoe in my head TT.TT well for some days ago we had a projekt in my school going on. The theme was "body art" and then me and my four friends on the pictur Sarah, Marianne, Lilly and camilla where all agree to make a dance. we found a youtube link where afterschool had a dance battle against SNSD where they where dancing to "lipgloss-wall to wall" and we cloned it and made it ^^ we pratic for 10 hours nonestop, so our body is pretty much done right nowT.T I hope it's soon getting over, cause i can't walk without it hurtingTT^TT..But we did good with the dance so i'm happy ^^ If u wanna be good at something then pratic no matter how much energi ore pain it cost just pratic till u can't^^ So that was the dIaRy Of ThE cLuMsY GiRl'S..
Annyeong chanii^^



Annyeong aliens xD

Okay so summer is here, it's wonderfull *Dreaming*  okay been a while :x Sorry,.... bout now i'm back xD in the summer ´there is some stuff that is a "MUST DO" Like eat aloooot of ice cream hjerte.png Soo good ^^ And listen to the best summer music, and ofc. hang out whit the best friends :3

The best summer hit is "Hot summer" With F(X) tongue.gif really u should hear it out:3 And i already eaten alot of ice cream :3 and soon enough i'm going on a trip whit an amaziing girl called Lulo~! Can't wait :3 it's something cosplay thing, sooooo glad that i can join for three days hjerte.png.. Thanks Unnie~!

Soo i finnish school to for a while ago, and i injoy my summer hjerte.png bout i'm gonna miss my school :3 bout hey friends always stays toghter after school right?


Xoxo Chan hjerte.png



Annyeong Guys~!

As you guys may know from my friend Huda~! I Just past my last test WUHOOOOOOO I'M FREEE TAKE THAT SCHOOL~!! Even that i past the test -.-'' today just wasen't  my day -.-''

First my friend send me an textmessage and told me that i was the first for the exams -.-'' Not cool, and then i get and freaking C -.-' And then i walk into the door -.-'' Bad luck day i guess. -.-'' Bout i passed my test (YES) So know i am free till the summer is over, then it's back to school tongue.gif well, i must sleep alooot :3 Muhahahahahah Huda envy me :3 Kinda Cooool xD Cause she never does :3 BWHAHAHAHA OHOHOH~!!! :D


xx Chan hjerte.png


A diligent student

Hey ya'll 
I'm huda, nice to meet you (:
I really been doing nothing this week, even tho i have a test on monday (last test before i'm FREE)XD
It's not like i haven't tried to study, it's just that i get distracted easily when i work on the computer. 
suddenly, when I have to study everybody have something to tell me, but when i'm bored nobody really cares - its really sad T.T
anyways just wanted to say Hey 
i guess i'm going back to "studying" 

I never thought i was going to say this, but i envy nada ;P - she just finished her last test today... really hates her now -.-' 


Wish me luck , i'm going to need it XD


School exams


Annyeong Guys this is The DiAry Of ThE GiRls .. Nada Chan park is here ;)

Okay so i'm studying right know, studying to an exam... Well, right now i'm kinda stuck -.-' No matter how hard i try i just can't remeber it. GOSH~!!! I could scream, cry,shout ore yell,bout nooo i'm trying, soo Hard TT^TT

Sooooo hard to study -.-' Bout i have tooo~!


XX Nada-Chan ;)

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