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Healthy Recipes: Grilled Teriyaki Chicken With Sesame Broccoli Recipe

It's winter time, when the cold, snow, and dark gray days can really get to you. If you do nothing to help get through the the season, you may find yourself dealing with the "winter blues," which is sometimes called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. There are many good ways you can help keep sad feelings at bay - some of the top tips are to get out and get active, watch what you eat, and to get connected.

Instead of eating at your usual takeaway or fast food shops like McDonalds or Burger King there are plenty of great fast food shops that are affordable and healthy. Subway is considered to be one of the healthiest fast food. When ordering a sub, choose one that has a vegetarian option and avoid fatty meats like salami or chicken teriyaki.

Whenever you are hungry, try to bite on a piece of celery instead of munching on a snack bar. Celery hardly contains any calories teriyaki chicken and broccoli also have a lot of fibre in it that will facilitate digestion.

At Costco or Sam's Club you can get good finger food in bulk for a low price. Look for slow cooker teriyaki chicken wings skewers, coconut shrimp, veggie/fruit/cheese trays, buffalo wings, mini quiches, and spinach and artichoke dip. All you have to do is take them out of the box and toss them in the oven. You can also find TGI Friday dips and finger foods, or buy pre-made platters that are ready to go.

The California Pizza Kitchen also has a kids menu which is sure to please the pickiest of eaters. The restaurant also serves slow cooker teriyaki chicken seafood and although it is limited it is quite delicious. Crab cakes and Ginger Salmon I must say are the highlights of the menu. The prices are higher than your standard restaurant, but it still remains affordable.

But DON'T go crazy trying to make it authentic. After all, you're not orchestrating a genuine luau for a major island hotel. You don't have to hire Hawaiian fire dancers or have a pig roast to make it a great party.

The Citronelle Restaurantis mainly known for its gourmet Vietnamese meals. The atmosphere is filled with sultry soul voices throughout the entire meal. It is a beautiful setting and even better food and service. It is more of a classy setting without neon lights for your favorite beers. It is a warm and peaceful atmosphere which keeps all types of customers coming back for more regardless of their average $10-$20 entree prices. All of their seafood platter and my personal favorite Mango Chicken are completely noteable here and worth the prices. The ambience of this restaurant keeps everyone coming back.

What ever you choose to do, make sure you find the best food for you and your guests right in the heart of Austin. check out all the great hometown places and find your favorite spot.

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