Vampires & Werewolves - Denmark

There is no stories about vampires and werewolves in Denmark, there is not even series or movies, but I once visited a small village called "Skive", where me and my father picked up an old man and he told us this crazy story...

The bloody man.
The following story is a Urban Legend.

It all started when the old man was walking around in his hometown. His hometown was Skive. At this time he was young. He was walking towards the wood, it was in december and there was a thin layer of snow on the grass and trees. The man did usually walk a trip to a little lake in the wood. He loved that place! But when he got into the forest, he noticed a little creature witch looked like a packed of rug bread but suddenly it tured into a man the young old man ran and ran until he couldn't feel his legs no more an he passed out... he never went to the lake again but he heard stories in the town that an old woman was dead out there but they never found the body...
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