Vampires & Werewolves - South Africa
A wild history in South Africa

There isn't many legends about vampires and werewolves in South Africa, but there is some that is close.

Two men was walking down a little road in the middle of the night, in the town Karoo in South Africa. Suddenly one of the guys saw an unknown man, standing a few meters away from them. One of the two men asked the strange man:"Are you allright?" The strange man didn't answer. The man who asked him the question went closer. Now he noticed that the strange man didn't have a head, and suddenly he turned into a dog. The dog were big like a cow. The two men ran away! 

After that has the shape shifter been seen a few more times around the city.The rumors was saying, that he also could change from human to a pig and then to a bat. The shape shifter had'nt killed or hurted anyone, until an early morning, where three farmers were found dead, tarred into pieces of the strange thing. 4ee719d4e1d4013122011.jpg
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