Vampires & Werewolves - Summaries
Are vampires real?

Vampires look a lot like humans. People ask, are they real or is it a myth? 

The vampire culture keeps on growing, because there is made a lot of shows and films about it. Some people believe that they are vampires. They say:"We've always known that they exist." 

Even though vampires look like humans, they are creepy and they haunt us. They have NEVER been humans! 

A real vampire can change from vampire to human. Vampires are nourished by human blood. Some are comparing them to an old virus. When vampires bite humans they will get the virus, but they won't get vampire powers. 

Real vampires are like humans. They can walk freely in the sunlight without seeking shadows. 

Real vampires

Are vampires real? Real vampires exsist in many different forms. Some of them wear clothes and got fangs in there mouth. Other vampires goes to styled night clubs and events. 

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