Vampires & Werewolves - USA

United States


Native americans have many different types of "skid walkers".
There are wereants that are particulary rampant around Pennsylvania.

The were at skulks around at night, and prafere carrots whits ranch dressing to human flech.

Movies and series  

There's made a lot of things, you can watch in the tv in USA. for an example there's made a saga called "Twilight".  There's five books and four films, but there is coming one more film. The saga is about a girl called Bella. She has a childhood friend called "Jakob". Jakob can turn into a werewolf. His family can also do it. Bella goes to school with a vampire. His name is Edward. Edwards big BIG love is Bella. But Jakob is also in love with Bella. Actually they are fighting for her. Jakob and Edward hate each other a lot. Bella loves Edward, and later in films she's going to become a vampire. But Jakob is her best friend. 

There's also many other tv-stuff. "True blood" and "The vampire diaries" is some series you can watch in the tv.     




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