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I cordially welcome you to "VAS Creatives". VAS Creatives has a world class reputation earned by conducting workshops, seminars , presentations and IT software training in various institutions.

VAS Creatives, a professionally managed organization, providing workshops and training in emerging Internet technologies like (MS.Net, Java-Java EE and Adobe Flex).

Established in 2011, VAS Creatives is an Information Technology services firm specializing in training, application development & outsourcing, engineering services & quality assurance. We are in this field of IT conducting and organizing various workshops in the field of IT and software development in India for the past few years. With expertise in training, our training and development process has evolved to be one of the best overall. We serve the corporate in providing the best and efficient solutions catering to their clients aboard, and to I.T professional in training delivery with consistency.We develop of range of curriculam for people with diverse requirements, from IT professionals needing advanced training to business managers seeking to develop a competitive edge.
VAS Creatives has also conducted many training sessions in most of the Undergraduate colleges of Odisha. The organization also promotes the use of educational open source softwares and provides maximum contribution towards eradication of piracy in India. We mostly focus our aims and goals upon nurturing the creative thought of an individual to pave up the path of success. We are in the business of change, managing complexity with an unparalleled insight, looking beyond the horizon of IT with resources focused on solutions.

We offer advance courses and software solutions on state-of-the-art technologies and platforms.Deccansoft received numerous accolades and is rated as one of Best Software Training Center for MS.NET and Java in the twin cities. Deccansoft has already trained more than 50,000 candidates who has been placed around the world in various blue chip companies.

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