Marian´s 30 års Maskebal - English invitation


This is the year that i´m, finally, turning 30 years young. And I would love to celebrate that with my family and all of my friends. So I hereby invite you to my birthdayparty saturday the 28 th of January at 18.00.

if you bring a Dish/course, I was thinking that we could have a big Buffet.

I will be in charge for all the drinks; Sodawater, Wine, Beer, Rum, Vodka etc, Dessert, snacks and nightfood.

Theme: Venecian Maskball

Dresscode: Masks, Elegant clothe/galla ( Jeans, miniskirt and leggings is a No Go:-D Let´s dress up! )

Adress: Festlokalerne, Tvedvangen 53, 2730 Herlev.

Response on your invitation in the " gæstebog" within a month, please.

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