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4/2-2014 DK Viderup's Elli passed away today - we are sad crying.gif See you on the other side beautifull princess

29/11-2013 Brought DK UniqueCoon's White Malou home today smiley.gif I'm soooo happy to have her

1/3-2013 I gave birth to a little baby boy hjerte.pnghjerte.png

13/12-2012 Guestbook deleted due to spam mails (over 200 every day)

1/4-2012 The 3 kittens of CandyFloss got a lot of praise on the show in Fredericia by the judges and Mali even got a HIGH QUALITY stamp on her diploma smiley.gif

31/3-2012 CandyFloss got her first CAC on show in Fredericia

12/2-2012 Fiji moved to his new family in Holstebro

18/11-2011 CandyFloss gave birth to 7 beautiful babies

2/4-2011 New boy on the way from DK Maine Entrance

17/2-2011 New girl in the house from DK UniqueCoon

3/2-2011 Emily has born 5 beautiful babies

20/1-2011 A sad day -Blue Berry rest in peace you lovely girl

17/1-2011 Princess mated with Uno

1/1-2011 A new year for DK Viderup -full of kittens and shows

1/12-2010 Emily mated with Oggy

22/11-2010 We've got a little husky baby in the house..

Congratulations to the parents Shellie and Kenzo hjerte.png

2/11-2010 Emily and Elli moved to Females

19/7-2010 Rianna moved to Females

19/7-2010 Main picture changed

25/4-2010 Angie got her first CACIB and Elli got a EX2 + a lot of praise

11/4-2010 Show in Grenaa -Uno got CAGCIB No. 8 and became Grand International Champion

10/4-2010 Show in Grenaa -Uno got CAGCIB No. 7

1/3-2010 Home and About Us updated

25/2-2010 Main image and Kittens updated

25/2-2010 My "husband" turns 29 years .. Hurrah Hurrah

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