Vindens Arabians - Mares

Sweet Caress D. ox:

Pure Breed Arabian Mare.

Born the 31/3-2006.

Hight 158 cm.

Dark Chestnut.

(Called, Is.)

Nazeem Ibn Jashana x Sweet Miss D./Makur.

She is a very nice and calm. Completely cool in all situations. She is very trusting of me, but not so good at stranger. Tend to see a bit angry out, but she means nothing of it .. Has been a bit too spoiled, so she have been a bit greedy.

Is, as she called in everyday language, is my best friend.

 I was the lucky one to buy her which ½ years by Charlotte Davidsen. And I've never regretted the purchase. Since I had brought her home and began to learn knowing her, she was very resaveret and would not even have any goodies so it was almost impossible to locks her in.!
She stood with an older mare which took her in as her own. It helped when she was with me at my new job at Skårup Overgård. There was I the only one she knew and she has linked a lot to me since.
She calls always now when I come. While I was working on Skårup I lacked something to ride on and I bought Vinden's Sang's. Vind and Is became best friends. They were always together at the pen and if one had to stand inside was the other not much to be out.

She walked outside with Vinden, which was to go out at night because he could not tolerate the sun, so they were always together.
She learned a lot of new stuff, Like Spanish Steps and curtsy. Now she can also kiss ..! I trimmed her neck to see what she said to it but she rocked not with a penny.!

When we would have a horse transpoteret we always took Is with as company so she is completely indifferent to to drive trailer now, alone or with someone.
We were with Zabal to Zabal's owner's wedding because Zabal is a bit of a chicken .. So she had also been shinet up ..! She was super good and not afraid of anything.






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