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                                               Gaudeamus ox

Polish Arabian.

Birth 19 February 2007.

Hight 156 cm.

Gray/white with dark man and tail.

Poganin x Ghana/Ararat.


I just bought Gaudeamus - who came to Denmark on 5 March 2011
Gaudeamus be my new riding horse.

He should arrive there early Saturday morning, but it was almost noon before. So after 14 hours of travel, he was in his new home. He came in his new box and saw Is and Itaya who stood and watched him.
After some hours he came one hour the pasture so he could just stretch his legs. There I also took the first pictures of him.

Gaudeamus is a beautiful expression. He has great wise dark eyes. A tiny muzzle and very, very small ears. He is almost completely white with gray mane and tail that ends in a white tip. His neck is well formed and good length.
The body is harmonious with a good strong back. His leg is perfect with good wide hooves.

I am very glad to learn to know him better. He resting much in himself and even after the long journey it seems that he just takes things end as they come. He is of course allowed to relax the next couple of days before we get started with a bit riding.
There will of course come a lot of pictures regularly.


Gaudeamus has now been with me for 3 weeks. And I'm just super pleased for him. He just does something good every day that makes me happy. Is started to ride a little, but in the beginning he thought it was weird with a different saddle than he used to, so we walked only a few long trips so he could get used to it and the way I ride.
We are ridning a lot of trips and we can quietly started a little dressage and in jumping. Once we have been in the dirt grave and rode 9 km. Here we climbed up and down the sand hills and he did just everything without flinching.






MVA Prince Vayu ox (FOR SALE)

Pure Breed Arabian Stallion.

Born 2000.

Hight 160 cm.

Brown with a lot of hair.


SGR Vayu x Corzandra / Orzel.

Prince is imported from US in 2007 for Poland. And the 6 June 2011 he came to Denmark as my Horse.


Prince  is so sweet and fantastic beautifull. Very Carm and not like a stallion at all.




Former Stallions:


Shaklan Ibn Saskatoon ox:

Pure breed arabian,

Born 2004 .

Hight 156 cm.


Saskatoon x Rimeh / Kalif.

I was allowed to borrow Shaklan by Juliette at the end of May 2008. Shaklan is a lovely stallion.

Shaklan enjoyed to jump and jumped up to 135 cm in height and 130 cm in width. One time he jumped 140 cm.

In March we attended our first jumping competition within the Kværnbækgård. Unfortunately, we had a demolition in each class, but he was so wonderful. We trained hard, and on May 2 we were to croos country event in Fjelsted on Fyn. Here we were in position after dressage. Unfortunately we got a demolition in show jumping and a little timing error in the event and joined the middle class out of 36 It was really nice after it was first started.

Now Shaklan home and later sold.

He is sire for Itaya El Shaklan.


Wadi El Sad ox (Sold)

Pure breed arabian.

Breeding Stallion / Gelding.


Born 2006.

Hight 157 cm.

El Amin x Tiwa A/Wandro

When my own riding horse unfortunately is injured, which seems to a long time has Antia and I made a little trade off. I must brake in Wadi and have him standing while she has my lovely gelding to go with her and spending time with colts.

Wadi and I have become really good friends. He's been really nice to ride on and we shall soon started to jump a little. He has been jumping loose a bit and jumps easily 110 cm.

 We started slightly jumping training and there was a large field on the other side of the road which was filled with water. We posted a couple of straw bales which we could jump over. He should just catch the meaning of it and so we flew over. Since then he has jumped everything we have managed on. We took a lot of fantastic pictures in the water.

We drove instead weekend after to the North Sea and it was a long trip in 2 ½ hours. But it was all worth it. We parked just outside Sønder Havrvig and walked down to the beach. The weather was perfect, I've never seen it better. Not a breeze - and plenty of sunshine. We walked a part along the blue water and rode a little in the sand dunes. We turned and rode back into the water. Both in trot and canter which the horses injoyed. We rode back to the car and picked up the camera so we could get some pictures because it's not exactly every day you get to the sea with your horses.

I am going to miss beautifull Wadi.

He Is sire for Isatine YA Jua.







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