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Whereto eat in Virginia Beach

The walk along the VirginiaBeach boardwalk is a virtual sea of places to eat and drink. You could spendmonths eating at new restaurants every night. Most vacationers don’t spend aton of time being picky about where to go to eat; the standard for qualityseafood is fairly high at VA beach. The food critics that we are, we've taken the grueling task to narrow-down a list of the Best Restaurants in Virginia Beach. Here are some of the places we just have to visit everytime we are in the VA area.

Catch 31 Fish House and Bar

A catchy name, with aneven catchier menu of seafood favorites. The atmosphere is absolutely fantasticat the Fish House. Usually accompanied by a great outdoor act, you’ll feelright at home with the waves crashing in the distance. Nothing fancy here, justgood food, good tunes, and good people.

Citrus Breakfast& Lunch

If you’re staying in one of the oceanfront hotels, chances are you’ll have freecontinental breakfast, but that would be a waste of an opportunity to enjoyyour morning waking up with the sun and sea enhancing your senses. Thesandwiches at Citrus Breakfast are superb, home style and hearty, the VirginiaBeach way!

The Route 58 Delicatessen

A humble little diner that values simple, quality restaurant service over fancy menus or elaborate interiors. This is a great place to grab a biteat any time of the day, with generous proportions, or to take a date out fordinner for a classic night entrenched in Americana. The food is hearty and thebill is affordable, you’ll think you traveled back through time by the end ofthe night.

Leaping Lizard Café

With a name like that, how can you resist stopping by this little café? Thisplace is always jumping, pardon the pun, it’s definitely worth any wait youmight experience if you happen upon it during the afternoon rush. Theirspecialty here is their Mediterranean cuisine. Very healthy and fresh dishes,with that classic sweetness and a little bit of tang. A perfect place to eat atfor those who are looking to stay away from the common fried seafood placesalong Virginia Beach. Oh, and the coffee isn’t half bad either; I thinkdrinking anything with a view like Virginia Beach is automatically going totaste better. Please read more about “Best Hotels in VirginiaBeach” at

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