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You can take your precautions with your mobile and bluetooth and hopefully avoid getting a virus on your mobile.


Our mobile phones are becoming more intelligent, so it is important that you are aware of security on your mobile, so no one gets access to what lies on it, or they may use it for criminal activities.



Your phone can be infected via the following ways:

  • MMS and SMS in principle (very unlikely: for example, COS.
  • E-Mail, Messenger and more
  • Bluetooth
  • Synchronization with PC / USB
  • Portable Memory



You can reduce your risk of getting viruses on your cell phone by taking a few simple precautions.



Just as you update the software on your PC, your phone also have the latest versions of programs.
Suppliers (For example Nokia and Sony Ericsson) has updates that closes known vulnerabilities on the affected phones offer new features and improves the phone's performance.
Visit their official website once a month to get more info and download updates.



You should use the PIN lock your SIM card to prevent others (mis) use it. Every time the phone is switched on, enter your PIN before you can use the SIM card.

You can also choose to put PIN lock on your mobile. Look in the manual how to set it to.
This means that your password must be entered when the phone has not been in use for example 15 minutes. It makes it harder for others to get into your mail, your text messages and other personal items if they get hold of your phone.



  • Do you have a cell phone with bluetooth, disable bluetooth connection when not using it.
  • In your bluetooth options, it is recommended that you change your phone's visibility to "Hidden" (Undiscoverable / Hidden).
  • Do not accept Bluetooth connections from phones or people you do not know or trust.
  • Do not open unknown files that you receive MMS, bluetooth or other media from persons or phones, you do not know or trust.
  • Use Bluetooth Pairing / Bonding. Bluetooth protocol itself is most vulnerable when pairing with other devices is underway. When you assign a bluetooth device to your phone, enter the code. If it does not have a code already, or if the default code is known to all, or too weak, you must create one.
    It is recommended to use 8 or more randomly selected alphanumeric characters in the code.
  • Bluetooth is most vulnerable when mating is in progress. Therefore you should avoid performing mating in locations where mating-communication can easily be intercepted by people like that in a bar or cinema.
  • Paired devices have access to each other. If a Bluetooth device is lost or stolen, you should remove the pairing with the various Bluetooth devices it has been paired with.



Reject installing programs you do not even have asked to have installed. Only install applications from trusted sites and do not use pirate copies. They are often infected with malicious programs.



I also recommend the use of antivirus software on your phone to prevent infected files from being installed if you accidentally run them.


So far, the consequences of the hitherto neglected viruses often are incalculable, but can still cause serious consequences of viruses, which among other things:


  • Send all your sent SMS messages to another phone.
  • Destroy the memory card by preventing access to it by encrypting it with an unknown key. All information on the card would also be lost.
  • Send SMS, MMS, or dial premium rate numbers.
  • Not to mention the friends, you get infected ...


If your phone has a virus

If you've got a virus on your phone, it is important that you immediately get removed again.

There are tools to remove the virus if an accident has been out:





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