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Volunteer in Africa, they will appreciate it.

Many Volunteer in Africa have experimented some huge progress in the last decade, economically and politically speaking. But there is still a lot to be done, huge poverty and disease control problems. So if you are taking a gap year to travel abroad, why not pick Africa and have a really life changing trip while actually helping those in need?

Volunteer Abroad has deep poverty problem as well as an educational problem. Several children can't go to school either because they are needed at home to help sustain their families or they don't have schools nearby. That's why they need all the help they can get. Volunteers are needed to help build new schools as well as maintaining existing ones in precarious conditions. Teachers are also needed for most subjects. Math, science and even Phys. ed. The children will be thankful for it, since they are really eager to learn.

Another serious problem that is connected to poverty is disease. Malaria, AIDS and various STD's are a big problem in poor African countries. This eventually causes hospitals to be filled with people and short on staff. Nurses and doctors are needed to run these hospitals, so if you have any sort of medical experience, you could put your knowledge to good use, while acquiring some very valuable practical experience. Even if you have only some interest in the medical profession, you can still be of some help, since every helping hand is appreciated.

Poverty causes disease and in term that disease may cause death to some people, leaving their families to mourn their loss. But sometimes the adults in a family are the ones that unfortunately pass away, which leaves their children orphaned. Gap Year Africa are also in need of assistance, both in the maintenance of their facilities and people to teach and take care of the children. Even if only to play with the children, make their days fun for however long you can, you will give them treasured memories, something to remember about their childhood with joy. Of course they are not the only ones who will keep memories, you will definitely go back home with all of their smiling faces forever drawn in your mind.

So if you're looking for a life changing experience, while traveling to some of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world and the opportunity to help people who geniunely need it, be sure to take a volunteering program in Africa. It will be very appreciated.

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