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Little flower girl make the wedding more funny

Flower girls can often add some fun for the ceremony in Western-style wedding, but also feel more warm and lively. Flower girl is usually a boy and a girl, but it may be two little girls, with new people like. If you want more excitement , then set a flower girl group to add color to your wedding is also good. Ages generally 4-6 years old children are most suitable flower girl , this time the childen are petite cute. But the best choice for well-behaved obedient . Otherwise, the time to take care of a bunch of naughty children is really very troublesome.

Flower girl dress are generally cheap, not much more expensive than leasing, may sometimes cheaper than rent. So the wedding flower girl dress is best to buy rather than lease. Bought a tulle flower girl dress to kids as a gift will make them very happy.

Organza Rose Gathering Princess-like Flower Girl Dress

Whether to prepare a red depending on the region and customs, some places will give children of relatives a fee for changing callings. Each flower give two hundred or four hundred, double number appropriate. But now the little boys and girls are all very interested in nice clothes, so it might be the morilee dresses worn by themself as a gift to them, the children will be very happy.

Generally speaking, flower girl only appear on red carpets when the new couple coming and exchange rings, the whole process child should to upright, medium-speed pace , not too slow nor too fast. As far as possible in advance so that children are familiar with the environment , not crying , then it will not cause illness.

Do not think the flower just appears for one time, so they do not need so much modification. It is not. Garlands , gloves , etc. are wedding flower essential props, if possible, to prepare a cute angel wings for little flower girl will be more interesting. Baskets also can not lack, but the prettier the better, so that they spread from the flowers will be more joy. All friends who plan to hold a Western-style wedding should keep the choice of floer girls and arrangements in mind.

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