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Creative jellyfish pendant lights

In March 2012, American company recommend people the pendant lights which is made of natural dead jellyfish and resin. The pendant lights are bright and pretty, material is unique and suffers the pressure without charge, the jellyfish pendant lights would absorb natural heat, at the same time, the light wou8ld be blue.

This jellyfish pendant lights are not complex, "Amazing jellyfish" company to use liquid nitrogen to natural death of jellyfish remains frozen, then the frozen body enclosed production into the oval transparent resin, so not only can prevent rotting corpses, can retain the characteristic of the jellyfish glow in the dark.

pendant lights

In addition to, “Amazing Jellyfish” company would think about practical of the lights, the resin they use is very hard, if the pendant lights fall down on the ground and that would not be into pieces.

There is special protein, that protein would absorb the light, in the day, the jellyfish would absorb the heat, when nights comes, the jellyfish would be bright.

We could image that, when we install the creative jellyfish pendant lights in the home, made of semi-transparency polyester film. Through the complex and beautiful design, the jellyfish pendant lights would be with soft light which makes us calm down, which bring us ocean feeling. Jellyfish pendant lights would be with special material, polyester material and glossy white powder coated aluminum. Jellyfish’s tentacle would be changed into the bright and complete patterned, which could be very pretty.

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