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Self Defense Weapons-Personal Protection

Today we are not safe anywhere in the city whether it is school, college, street, work place or even in a home. These places are the brooding grounds of criminals where they wait for the weak victims to snatch everything through the usage knives or a metal gun; even they won’t dare to murder. Even if we are at home we can’t say we are safe as there is a high chance of burglary or hacking  your sensitive information through computer; their common victims are woman and children and they not only appear at dark night in some narrow street, instead they appear every where even in day in a crowded place.

Therefore it has become essential for us to carry some self defense weapons with us and keep the same in a suitable position at your house to defend it from criminals.There are wide variety of home defense weapons that can be used to give your sweet home certain degree of protection against criminality. These weapons are Surveillance cameras, spy cameras, Alarms, pepper spray, firearms, cuffs, knives, Motion Sensors, Keyboard recorders, Diversion Safes and use as both the self and home defense potential weapon to prevent the invaders to attack. For home defensewe need not to buy an expensive real gun instead we can opt for stun gun and taser.

The Taser is an electrocuting device that induces massive influx of the neurotransmitters and muscles’ sensory perceptions and motor of the nervous system shut-down causing paralysis of the affected area. Another most effective electrifying legal self defense weapons is stun guns that discharge 500,000 volts or more electric shocks on attackers forearm while pressing the button and causes immediate intense spasm and make the assailant immobilized. Therefore defender gets enough chance to escape. The main difference between taser and stun gun is that for former you have to maintain certain distance from attacker whereas for later you need be more closer almost skin contact with attacker.

The most prolific weapons for self defense is Pepper sprays in to which world’s hottest pepper is used and if sprayed on the attacker’s eyes, it will cause intense tearing, pain, closing of eyes, coughingandshortness of breath and the victim will get enough time to move away from attacker.Now day demands for hidden cameras are increasing in order to keep home, family and business place safe. In urban areas use of cheap hidden cameras has reduced the burglary 50% than previous and entrepreneurs use it in remote places of the plant..But their use regulated by the law of concerning states and its users are abide by the law to avoid any kind of legal action.

These days Individuals are extremely conscious of their personal safety and always bear these common self defense equipments. These self defense weapons for sale are excellent. These self defense weapons cause temporary damage to the attackers and are not life threatening but these ingenious weapons never keep everlasting injury to associate aggressor or assaulter and can solely give a short mental and physical weakening inflicting them to curve up in a very ball allowing them to discontinue their motives for committing criminal offense. It comes in the form of a ball pen, cell phone or even a lipstick, so that the assailant gets attack by hidden security weapon suddenly. The price range varies between $30-$90.

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