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Information Aboutclash Of Clans Gold For Game Lovers

If you are a game addict, and love slow games which need patience, clash of clans gold is right for you. This game will be challenging as well as it will help you to deal with your patience level. The more gold you get, the more you will play the game. This is one of the most addictive games you will ever find. Playing this game will be helpful as it will build your desire to save money. You need to collect gold and save for yourself, and slowly upgrade your level.

The basic theme of the game is to buy your gold mine. As your level changes, the visual of your mine will also change. In the clash of clans gold, your goldmine collects gold from underground. Your production will stop working if the mine is full. Your enemy players can raid your gold, and then your mine will start collecting gold again. The amount of gold your mine will collect, depends on the size and level of it.  Spend you gold to upgrade your mine that will make your mine bigger and stronger. It will make your mine work more and take out the gold more.

The gold mines cannot work if your gold storage is full. In coc gold, you need to sell your gold in order to upgrade your mine. If your enemy destroys your mine when you are upgrading it, your gold will not get lost. But you don’t need to be always in your defense mood as nobody attacking you every day. You need to plan carefully, before attacking a mine. Often the players protect their mines with various things, especially when they are on higher level. The maximum you can loot from another mine is up to 50%. Same thing goes with your mine too.

In this game, you can also find clash of clans farming service. This farming service will help you to grow gold. It will take time and patience. In between you grow your farm, you need to take care of your mine. You can produce gems and spend them in order to upgrade your firm or keep your fame safe from you enemy after level 5. There will be new gold mine available at new places; you have to keep an eye for it. As soon as it appears, you need to grab all the gold you can from the mine. It takes almost 16 days to upgrade your mine.

If you need speed in your game, Asphalt 8 is the right option for you. You can find 117cars   in this game, and this is mainly played by earning credits. If you come between 1st and 3rd, you earn good amount of credits.  You can press the middle-down of you screen, take the charge of your car. Tapping the screen will help you eliminate all the other cars. By earning more credits, you can upgrade your car that will make the car run faster. You need to win the season 3 to get maximum Asphalt 8 credits.

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