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Bridesmaid Dresses Australia snaps away

Dresses under duress The wedding dress.It's the kind of garment many women fantasize about for years.They dream of choosing the perfect white gown, wearing it down the aisle and.Frolicking through a messy, muddy auto wrecking yard.That's the philosophy behind the new postwedding photography trend trash the dress. On an unseasonably warm and sunny october sunday in saskatoon, seven recent brides and seven professional photographers of canada memebers staged a nontraditional wedding photo shoot.The goal was to create some fantastic and unusual images and raise money for the children's hospital foundation. One of the first trash the dress photos ever taken shows a woman standing beside her dress as it goes up in flames, said mandy harding, one of the photographers behind the event.But the shoots aren't always that extreme.For the most part, the only scary part of a trash the dress session is the $100 drycleaning bill.Harding herself did a ttd shoot after her 2009 wedding. View larger imagemodel miranda cressman strikes a pose on a rusty rooftoprichard marjan, the starphoenixmore pictures:Next >"People are always scared when you use the word trash.But when i did mine we went in the river and it came out cleaner than when i went in,"She said. "On a typical wedding day, most photographers try to play it safe and get really beautiful images, whereas with this type of shoot we can really experiment with lighting, with the brides and do crazy poses that might not be suitable as a picture for grandma. " Though many would balk at the idea of risking a pristine wedding dress some of which cost thousands of dollars most brides never wear their dress again.But they can share pictures with family and friends for years to come. Each bride donated $500 to the children's hospital foundation to be part of the event, which harding hopes to make an annual shoot.The photographers, aestheticians, jeweler and limo driver all volunteered their time. Harding said the charity was an appropriate choice considering the next step in the life of many newly married women is children. Six photographers, laden with camera bags and giant lenses, meet on a 20th street corner and discuss their plans for the day.The crew includes harding, gina yesnik(Gina's portraits), Stuart Kasdorf, Danielle Stasiuk, Deborah Pellettieri(Divine images)And dave stobbe.Each photographer will be paired with each bride for a 20minute photo session. A seventh photographer, grant romancia, arrives and says"I can't wait to get one of these brides in a dumpster. "Turns out that's not an exaggeration. A limo pulls up.The first thing to emerge from the stretch suv is a sparkly silver stiletto.A billowing cloud of white and cream fabric is not far behind, as eight women emerge in their wedding gowns.There is not a groom in sight. Bride michelle banga happily hops atop a dumpster and flashes a rock salute as stasiuk, the woman who shot banga's wedding day, Bridesmaid Dresses Australia snaps away. "I am not taking this dress home with me,"She says, excited about getting as dirty as possible.

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