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At your age We all know that familiar paternal refrain that said in a tone not quite meant to scold, but one that never fails to be scathing: "At your age i was this expression is typically followed by some career milestone that meant to make us feel like our lives are going nowhere or going somewhere far too slowly to meet with the old man approval. In an effort to inspire readers on the listening end of that redundant"At your age. "Theme, the following presents five successful men who probably heard that refrain now and again and still managed to make good. ralph lauren femme polo Although he grew up in the privileged home of a wealthy real estate agent and music executive, cowell had trouble in school.In fact, after attending and sometimes being thrown out of several schools he finally chose to drop out when he was 16. When cowell was in his late teens and early 20s he could be found drifting in and out of college and working a number of humble jobs.It was then that his father, an executive at emi music publishing, managed to secure him a job as a clerk in the mail room.This is where he remained until the early and founded e music and later, fanfare records. At this stage of his life, cowell was hardly earning the estimated $45 million a year that he pulls in today.A few years after founding the record label, the mother company for fanfare folded and forced his label to close down.At age 30, the future king of the harsh critique was so broke that he had to file for bankruptcy and he landed back at home living with mom and dad. If you only audition in front of simon cowell, you doing better than he was at your age. Ralph lauren chick here at your age of 28 The man who would one day become a voracious car collector with a net worth greater than $4 billion entered his 20s as a business student at baruch college in new york city.While studying at night, he worked days as a salesmen for a pair of glove companies before dropping out of college and spending two years in the us army. In his mid20s he landed a job with a tie maker named a.Rivetz co., and in his spare time he began designing ties of his own.With these designs in his 28yearold hands, he borrowed $50, 000 and launched the polo fashions in 1968 he was working as a tie salesman for brooks brothers at the time.For those that knew him in high school, this would not have been a surprise.According to legend, lauren had a reputation for being stylish back then and was even known to have sold a tie or two to his classmates. His ties were especially wide and they found disfavor at bloomingdale the store demanded lauren not only make them narrower, but also remove his name from the label.Emblematic of his future image in the fashion world as a nonconformist, lauren refused to sell the ties to bloomingdale the company, however, soon met his terms when it saw the kind of success he was having elsewhere. Ralph lauren line of clothing is among the best in the world, and if you can afford to wear it, you doing better than he was at your age. Quentin tarantino at your age of 28 At about 28, and with the indiefilm benchmark reservoir dogs still two years away, the iconoclast filmmaker 20s weren too, too bad.Tarantino was perpetually broke, only making about $8, 000 a year, but he was working at the nowfamous video archives in hermosa beach, california, where he rented movies and endlessly dissected cinema.

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