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                                                                                Bone cancer Diagnosis

Patient’s signs and symptoms, blood tests, physical examination, imaging tests can collectively help the doctor to identify cancer but sometimes bone tissue biopsy is compulsory to confirm the presence of bone cancer because other diseases like bone infections can also produce symptoms of bone cancer.

Signs and symptoms of bone cancer:

Pain:When tumor began to develop, it causes pressure on the bone causing pain. This pain may come and go at early stage but when it advances the pain becomes constant and severe; it may become worse with the movement of that affected limb.

Swelling:Developing tumor also causes swelling side by side with the pain in which affected area looks reddish and its temperature is raised as compared to other near by areas. The lump (tumor) can be felt if bone is superficial.

Fractures: When tumor grows in size, it puts pressure on the bone and sometimes this pressure is of very large amount that it weaken the bone and therefore increasing the chances of fractures of bones by little trauma, read more about it on this blog post .

Red flags: The red flags are the indicators to warn about possible cancer to patient which are loss of weight, loss of appetite, generalized body fatigue, fever and anemia.

·        Imaging tests:

X-rays: Most of the bone cancers are detected by x-rays in which bones appear worn instead it can also look like a hole in the compact bone. Doctors may identify through x-rays if cancer is protruding through the bone and extending into adjacent tissue but only a radiologist can identify these things in an x-ray.

Computed tomography (CT) scan: A CT scan is a procedure that can provide detailed information and cross sections of the body due to which it is easy to identify if the tumor is benign or malignant,if it is malignant then in which organ of bogy it is metastasising. CT scan can also be used for a procedure known as CT scan guided needle biopsy to find out bone cancer.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): Radio waves are being used in MRI instead of x-rays. MRI also provides detailed imaging of the body structures like CT scan but MRI is more convenient to patients then CT scan. It is the best procedure to identify bone cancers. It is particularly used to study brain and spinal cord in detail.

Biopsy: Biopsy is the only procedure to be 100% sure about cancer. It is a sample of the tissue of the cancer which is studied under the microscope. If cancer is confirmed biopsy can also tell you about whether it is a primary bone cancer or a secondary bone cancer. It has its own 2 types. First is Needle biopsy in which Small tissue of the affected area can be studied by taking sample from needle. The other procedure is surgical bone biopsy in which desired tissue is large in its length then this procedure of surgical bone biopsy is performed.

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