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Lets start with a few basic questions: are you looking for an android tablet for you or for a family or group of people? If you are looking for a tablet for only your own personal use then you might have a better idea of what your looking for in a tablet. If not, you should consider getting a good overall tablet or one that meets the needs of your other family members as well as you.

Week 3: dp3400 earpiece dp3400. During and after a disaster, you may find yourself without electricity. However, since you'll still need to get news and weather information, you'll want to get a battery-powered AM/FM/Weatherband radios. I found a motorola dp3400 for $5 at a south Georgia Goodwill store. The radio included a flashlight and could be powered by batteries or hand-cranking a dynamo. If you aren't comfortable thrifting, the Innovage AM/FM/WB battery free crank radio offers similar features for only $10 at my local drugstore. The important thing is to have a working portable AM/FM/WeatherBand Radio by the end of your second week of disaster kit building.

The Motorola DP3400 most intriguing Android tablet yet announced is the Adam by Notion Ink. It's bigger than the others. In fact, though its screen is even larger than the iPad's by a tad, it's still about the same thickness. It does both Wi-Fi and 3G, and unlike the iPad, has slots for SD cards, HDMI cables and USB devices. It's even got a swivel camera (for shooting and video conferencing), and a high-tech indoor/outdoor screen.

The Motorola DP3400 earpiece standard push up stand has a slide-free base. Its base is made in a circular form to facilitate proper weight distribution and balance. This base lies flat on the floor to prevent the stands from tweaking or falling. The stability of your stand greatly affects your performance. Using a stand that moves with the movement of your body may cause you to lose your balance and fall.

The phone has a cute candy bar design and it doesn't look like a flat Razr V3. It has its own attractive style. The metal battery cover lets off a nice comfortable feel when holding in your hand. The menu design of the phone has also improved and the photos as well as graphics on the phone look phenomenal. Instead of boring grids that you usually see on Motorola phones, you see grey icons set in a row on the bottom of the screen. As you scroll through the icons, each one will show up in a particular color in the center display. It's definitely a new improvement on the phone even though the phone still has its generic Motorola appeal on the menu.

Just when you think you know everything or have considered all the strategies, another idea, or tactic shows up. For those who play the game to win, they must constantly stay abreast of such information.

This device will charge your smart phone or tablet when you are in a location when there is no availability to plug your device into a wall or car outlet. With the iTorch IMP52D, you can charge your phones multiple times before it needs a charge itself. You can expect to charge an iPhone about 3 times, for example, before the iTorch needs to be recharged. It is compatible with most smart phones like the Samsung Galaxy, motorola radio business Razr, Samsung Nexus, Blackberry Tour, and all of the iPhone line. It will also work with many tablets like the iPad, Nook, Kindle, Samsung Note, Google Nexus and iPod. It will also work with portable game consoles like the Sony PS and Nintendo DS. Some of the devices will need a special cable to work with the iTorch, but it can be provided if requested.


Buy some two way radio fun snacks that the kids don't get to eat other times of the year things like Twinkies and Tastycakes and junk foods that you wouldn't otherwise allow the kids to have...make this time fun and special so the kids don't go quite so stir-crazy.

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