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Getting a well coded website with a successful conversion process

With the growing need for eBusiness and eMarketing solutions around the globe, the number of companies providing services in website designing and development has also seen a considerable growth. This has revolutionized the entire web industry, and has led to the extensive use of PSD to HTML services.

PSD to HTML conversion

Photoshop, being a very powerful and vital graphic editing tool, it is widely used by the web designers across the world. Use of this tool not only adds color and liveliness to a Web Page, but it also saves a lot of time as it allows the designers to edit the images in layers, thereby simplifying the process of graphic editing. Although a Photoshop image can be saved in any format, but the PSD format is recommended for web designers, as it can be later on converted to HTML page. However, the conversion from PSD to HTML is not an easy process, and hence requires lots of experience and brilliant coding skills.

Importance of Hand coded PSD to HTML

Although the process of conversion from PSD files to HTML pages may appear time consuming, yet developers across the world use this process in order to get a well navigated and a beautiful hand coded website so that it could attract the maximum number of visitors.

Hand coded PSD to HTML services, conforms to valid HTML coding, makes the website Search engine friendly and meets the standards of W3C. Such websites are also compatible across all the major browsers. XHTML Junction, a USA based provider of PSD to HTML services believes that hand coded conversion services tends to less errors, while automatic conversion may reduce the usefulness of the Web Pages lowering the quality of conversion. Hence, the company strives to provide the best conversion services from PSD to HTML to their clients at just $49 and within a minimum time period of 8 hours.

PSD to Drupal conversion

Well PSD to HTML conversion is not the end of the web development process. In fact, it is the first step which can be further taken to the next level by converting these images into beautiful web templates and themes.

Drupal Junction, the PSD to Drupal theme conversion service provider of USA has established itself as one of the top notch Drupal service providers in the US that specializes in Drupal development, Drupal customization, Drupal website designing, PSD to Drupal conversion, HTML to Drupal conversion, etc.

The company provides cross browser compatible development services at the best prices in the industry with hand coded Drupal themes and templates. A sister company to XhtmlJunction, DrupalJunction too boasts of a pool of talented web developers and designers, who aim at providing the best hand coded Drupal templates for developing SEO friendly Drupal website.


Due to its capability of developing dynamic, flawless and professional websites, Drupal has become one of the most demanded open source CMS over the years. But, it should be noted that Conversion from PSD to HTML is the basic element for any website and no website can be launched without converting it from PSD to HTML files.

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