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Hi, welcome to my web site for Yamaha FS1, I trust you will learn if you look through my site, that I’m trying to help anyone who has a love for these little monsters!


I can offer new parts, original or aftermarket and in addition I offer reconditioned/refurbished original used parts, everything is available at fair prices or even possible swaps! My goal is to be able supplying everything and anything from start to finish, including but not limited to bolts, nuts, screws, wheels, body parts and motors.


I also offer to refurbishing your parts, including motor rebuilds, sandblasting and painting at what I trust to be reasonable prices. I will even pick up and deliver bikes but please ask for pricing first.


If you do not find on my web site what you’re looking for, please just drop me an email (vinceamas@hotmail.com) and I’ll check my stock, as parts are coming and going daily the web site might not always be fully updated. Also never hesitate to email me with any other questions as I’ll be happy to share my knowledge.


The junk yard page is for people like me, I hate to throw things away, just because the look rusty, have a little bit of damage, etc, it might still be usable to somebody but please if the part is no good to anyone it can’t be posted but if I believe it can be used or renovated, then I will gladly post it! As I like to say, Yamaha's never die, They just get re-built.. Long live the 4 gear, Damn them Honda/Suzuki, Only joking, nice bikes..


Thanks to all for their help and please do not hesitate to ask for mine.

Ride safe



Email, vinceamas@hotmail.com 

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