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Regular season have been the end of the Bobcats win the screenings are still seven games in the single digits, they are glad that this is a shrinking of the season,jordan 11 shoes because they are in any case keep up with the 76ers in the 1970s to create lost 72 games in the regular season record.jordan retro 1 As of yesterday, the Bobcats winning only 12.1 percent but they are very likely to create winning record low.Bobcats team's status in the eyes of the fans of course, is different only because their boss named Michael Jordan, but he still accounted for a majority stake in the largest shareholder. nike jordan 12"Night" when a player champion Shoudaoqinlai, why the operation is not good team? More accused to stay in Jordan I ignore the regardless of the team such as the Bobcats home game, Jordan sometimes swing in the golf field, sometimes in Las Vegas gambling ...

Jordan just the boss of the team, not the general manager, for example Los Angeles Lakers owner Buss, in addition to the win celebration, a photo, you rarely see him in the game, but this does not prevent the Lakers to the NBA's most successful team. The same as the boss, Jordan is completely no obligation to put their energy into the Bobcats above,air jordan 1 to know that he drove a few restaurants, Jordan shoes, also engage in a motorcycle team, and then taking the time to play golf, throw the dice ... he is really busy. Jordan harness Bobcats club The problem is that he probably did not pick an outstanding management team.

Long been pointed out that Jordan himself when the employer's ills, he only likes to pick his cronies, or along what he meant to the people, and these people just want to keep their jobs. From shareholders since become the Bobcats in 2006, 2012 nike air jordan retro 7 the business of this club is basically a failure, because both the selection of a rookie or a player transactions Jordan eat too much loss, the last five years, the team picked eight rookie, but none of the chops, or even three people with the NBA have not hit on the Bobcats put through the Tyson Chandler, nike jordan 5 shoes Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace to the other team immediately have become the character of temporary relief. Proved, Jordan I intervene in a lot of team affairs, but his vision has long been proved how.

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