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Smaller pharmaceutical drug companies/supplement companies do not have their particular in-house pharmaceutical formulators or a true R&D department to design the cutting edge, safe and effective product for teen weight reduction. Most large prescription drugs, like Gentech, fall into Two business categories when it comes to producing and delivering new medications/formulations:
1. These people produce only the meds/OTC’s that make them the most money.
2. They produce just items that they have expertise in making.

Gentech Pharmaceutical is a very unique conglomerate in that areas of expertise are vast and our R&D braches have significant variety while maintaining the highest amounts of qualified experts required for each branch. Additionally, Gentech listens to our customers and develops items that are both relevant in addition to needed. Case in point -- buy phentabz. PhenTabzTeen™ is revolutionary in the proven fact that no other big pharmaceutical company makes the purchase of time/funds to build up a product that customers have been asking for (for many years). While it is true that doctors have prescribed “regular” PhenTabzTeen™ for teens, it is the wish to have the world-class effective weight loss/appetite depressent specifically for teens which inspired the creation of PhenTabzTeen™.

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Doctors and parents possess long known the actual negative health risks and side-effects of overweight/obese teens tend to be significant and will just magnify as time goes on. Arterial plaque deposits start as early as age 2 and also the prevalence of Diabetic issues and Hypertension is directly associated with being obese. It is equally important to be able to acknowledge the myriad of negative physiological problems a teen will experience being overweight/obese as are the psychological issues/pressures as well.

Gentech Pharmaceutical drug is renowned as the leaders in advanced weight reduction supplements/medications. Gentech demonstrated its worldwide leadership by providing PhenTabz Teen™ first into physician’s workplaces and then the OTC release to the general public. Safety is priority number one along with physicians - consequently having their seal of approval of approval for PhenTabz Teen™ is a great indication associated with both the efficacy and safety profile associated with PhenTabz Teen™.
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