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Duck Soup: Not Groucho's, But Mine

As a veteran of the restaurant industry for more years than I'd like to admit, I have seen many parents practically do hand stands in order to get their kids to eat. Here comes the choo-choo! Or they humiliate themselves into making propeller airplane noises. And, heaven forbid the food in question is not perfectly square and golden brown and crusted with some corn based product. This is not to say that kids are the only ones that fickle (read:damn picky) when it comes to their food. I have seen grown adults flinch and make faces when the suggestion is floated to order something a bit different. Instead of suggesting duck breast, you would think the offering was a cyanide tablet.

Likewise, the level of fun to be had at a particular Professionals in the City event depends on two factors: how the event is conducted and who is there. Some would consider a meal of slow cooker duck carnitas or lamb to be very upscale and appeasing. Of course, if the diners are vegetarians, they will leave the dinner hungry and offended. The same comparison can be made about other things. Christian people in their twenties may enjoy mainstream heavy metal, pop, and rap music however Christians from the Baby Boomer era probably do not even consider that noise to be music. Therefore, the "best" things are merely matters of opinion that are directly dependent on who's opinion you are asking.

It's brilliantly versatile stuff. I mixed it with soy sauce, garlic, fresh ginger and chilli. Just drizzle over shredded duck, spring onion and cucumber and voila! A somewhat bastardised version of Chinese crispy duck admittedly, but delicious all the same.

I ordered the roasted Maine lobster that had a lobster coconut emulsion. It was probably the best meal for Lobster I have ever had and I order lobster anywhere I can find it. My husband ordered the Sonoma County Liberty how to cook duck with a Daikon orange salad and a sauce A L orange. That was really good too! The portions were big and the plates looked amazing for the presentation. I recommend dressing up here. The dress code was dress up casual but every guy had suits and ties on and all the women had cocktail dresses on. So it seems that casual dress up would be kind of out of place.

It's also possible to check out your skill with your slow cooker duck for quick meals for dinner. Should you not have one, go out and get one. You can find a quality one for under thirty dollars. It is possible to put many types of different things in to these to make some delicious and wholesome meals. Many are generally started in the morning and left on low right through the day. When you're getting home, you will have a quick dinner prepared.

Those who want to celebrate at home but do not want to cook the meal can pick up a complete Easter meal of either boneless rib eye of beef or boneless leg of lamb. The meal comes with marinated artichoke and wild mushroom salad, heirloom tomato salad with feta cheese, au gratin potatoes, and a spring vegetable medley. For dessert, diners get to choose between preparing a whole duck chocolate hazelnut silk cake and a fresh fruit tart. The rib eye or leg of lamb meal, including all sides, costs $229 each, and pick up times are from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., every half hour.

I highly recommend The Brown Palace Hotel. The entire building was just gorgeous. No matter what you wanted they would help you out with it. They will also help you plan trips around the city, rent cars, and make reservations. They are very friendly. So if you get to Denver and you want an elegant fairy tale getaway check out this Hotel! It is a little pricier but well worth the money.

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