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Women's wear fashion predictions louis vuitton online store uk for 2011 Wondering what's in store for fashion during 2011?This article makes several fashion predictions based on what's going on in both the fashion industry and the world around us.It looks at four upcoming trends, what the popular colors are likely to be and the general vibe in the fashion world.Femininity If the spring/summer 2011 runway showings are anything to go by women's fashion during 2011 will be decidedly feminine.Badgely mischka's ready to wear collection included lots of dresses and separates in light floaty fabrics with ruffled sleeves or hems.The chloe show offered grecian pleated style dresses and skirts, which were also in light fabrics like chiffon.The d collection was like an explosion of girly floral prints. Television shows like gossip girls and pretty little liars are likely to take femininity to the next level by making doll like looks very popular.Think pretty doll inspired looks from the hair to the make up, clothing and accessories.Louis vuitton's spring/summer 2011 collection featured chinese style collars, shiny fabrics and many characteristic asian style silhouettes like the long and loose lightweight jacket.The dries van noten ready to wear collection included oriental style prints and dresses that had a louis vuitton online shop sale kimono feel. Color louis vuitton uk sale block styles The missoni spring/summer runway collection was full of different color blocking techniques.Many included the signature missoni black border between colors.To see the color.Turquoise and aqua look set to remain popular alongside colors like lavender and coral.All the faithful neutrals like black, grey and beige will make an appearance. In cheap louis vuitton general On a general level, fashion seems to be getting more adventurous and fun again.For a while there we saw lots of classics designs and silhouettes that could be partnered with more elaborate accessories.This was most likely in response to global financial crisis.Although all is still not well in the financial world, the fashion world seems to be saying we need a little pick me up when it comes to style.Excess tends to be coming back in a lot of garments.If you like more simple silhouettes or are still on a tight budget in 2011, fear not you should still find lots of classic pieces around also. Published by kimberley heit Kimberley heit is a fashion and business graduate who spreads her time between freelance writing, fashion design and creating her own natural beauty range.View profile Lessons learned from working in the fashion industrythere's a great deal of misconception among the general public and those who work outside of the fashion world that the fashion business is a superficial industry.

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