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Yes I am well aware that this is a Danish webpage, but as I feel most comfortable writing in English, that will be the language used.

This is my Book Of Shadows
No not the one from the children's cartoon, but a real book of shadow, and I take it that since you came here, you are interested in Wicca, Paganism & Witchcraft, and you might already know what a Book Of Shadows is, but some of you might not, so I will explain

Book Of Shadows, is the closest Wicca will ever come to a holy book.
This is the book where you collect all the informations you collect from studying Wicca, and poems, prayers, pictures and other things that you find magic, and that you favour.

Every witch have her own Book Of Shadow, and every Book of Shadow is different from the other.
No Book Of Shadow is more right than the others though, and there isn't a final and right way to practice Wicca, the only realy rule, is that you should respect everyone and try to help this earth becomming a better place to live

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