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Hi fokes welcome to.: Zenic:. website.

First team:
We seek members who are lvl 30
and do not talk nasty to others

Second team:
We seek members who are lvl 1 +
people who play for fun and just want someone to play with
and do not talk nasty to others


1st: 16 +

2nd: No whiners over team mate's or others.

3rd: Respect CL (Witos & Suffr)

4th No MIC / CHAT spam!

5th Speak nicely to each other no matter what!

6th not flippant pups!

7th no rasicm!

8th you have to have skype!

9th only English and Danich in chat!


Contents Contact / Apply.

1st: You must write your game and your real name.

2nd: We want to know your Level, age, place of residence.

3rd: In-game information (eg first and second champ) you use in battle


Comment on what you liked clan / website.

About clan.

First We play often team fights

Second We play mostly (Dominion and normal maps!)

Third You must be active in clan!

4th We buy soon server.

you can Add admins on.

witos & Suffr

in lobby in league of legends

PS. Hope it inspires you.

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