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So you want to know a little about me?


Well, I won't tell you my real name. I like my privacy for personal reasons.


So what can I tell you?


I am from Denmark and a female. I am in my late thirties and hold a full time job working in an office. It's not as boring as it sounds. I like my job.


I have made up stories since before I could write. When I learned to write I began to write my stories down. It runs in the family. One of my ancestors was a famous author that every danish schoolchild is made to read. My grandmother used to work as a journalist on a popular danish womens magazine. Several other familymembers also have the writers gene, so I guess you could say I come by it naturally.


I've found that I cannot help my self. I used to think I was weird, making up all these stories about tv-shows and books. Sometimes I couldn't finish a book, because I was too busy daydreaming about how I would have done it (the story) differently. It wasn't until a few years ago that I found out I wasn't alone and that there was a plethora of others like me. Thank goodness for the internet!


Up until now I have been updating on fanfiction.net, but since they have begun their purge of anything written for and by adults I've decided to make my own page as well.


I write slash between males (mostly). I have no problem with gays, alternative lifestyles, differing from the norm. I don't subscribe to any religious edicts and don't really care what other people believe in, as long as they don't force their views onto others. I really like the term from Star Trek called IDIC. Infinite Diversity in Infinte Combinations. I see it as a strengh and not as a weakness. If you do not agree, then that is fine. Let us then agree to disagree and remain on friendly terms.


So, are you a little wiser about me? If not, look into my stories. You will find me there.





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