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I have created this site to have a place to publish my works of fanfiction. I have accounts on various fanfiction sites, including fanfiction.net and adultfanfiction.net.



I would like to clearly state that I do not own the rights to the original works that my fanfictions are based on. If I did I would be a very wealthy woman. As it is I earn absolutely nothing from writing these stories. Nothing, ingenting, nada, zip.


My fanfiction stories are my tribute to the wonderful works of their original creators. Their stories have inspired me and countless others and I owe them a great deal of gratitude for the many hours they have entertained me.



My stories are written for adults only!

My stories contains scenes, themes and language not suitable for children. The stories are mostly male/male slash.

If this sort of thing is in anyway offensive to you, then don't read it.


I also recommend that you take a look at the story summary page. There you will find a list of the stories with relevant warnings regarding the contents.

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