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Ch. 7 Rainbow coloured alien encounters of the third kind

When Jack and Gwen arrived at Owen and Ianto’s position they could easily understand the comment. Gwen’s eyes became huge as she tried to comprehend what she was seeing. It was a huge humanoid creature with very long shaggy fur that was literally every shade of the rainbow. Every strand of fur seemed to glow with its own fluorescent colour that kept changing with the movement of the creature. It had odd hornlike protrusions all over its body and it seemed oddly fat around the middle. Its head was reminiscent of a weevil but with large floppy ears on top and large purple eyes. ‘God, that thing is hideous.’ Gwen thought, as she watched it scurry around the bins. It had yet to notice them. It seemed to be looking for something in the container with metallic waste.


There was a sound coming from the creature that by now had half disappeared into the container. It triumphantly came back out with a piece of weird looking metal. ‘That’s not of Earth origin.’ Jack noted, though he couldn’t pinpoint what it was. Nor could he remember seeing an alien like that before. Said alien quickly acted upon seeing them. It threw the metal waste down and pulled out a weapon. Heaven knew where it had hidden it before. The team instantly pointed their own guns at the alien.


“Put the weapon down!” Jack said in both English and Standard. The alien hissed and said something incomprehensible back. It was not a familiar language. It was however quite clear that it would not surrender just like that.


“Get it to talk, Jack,” Tosh said over the comms. “I’ll feed the sound through the translation program on the computer. Hopefully it will be able to translate some of it.”


“Okay Tosh. I’ll try.” He looked at the alien.


“Why are you here? What are you going to do with that piece of metal?” he put on his most-interested-listener’s face in the hope the alien could interpret human facial expressions. But considering its own face was covered in fur it wasn’t likely. He studied it. Its fur was by now flashing rapid colour changes, as if they were triggered by emotion or adrenalin.


It blabbered on in a still unintelligible language. Its voice was a very pleasant soprano and the language sounded quite musical. It seemed very incongruous to its physical appearance. It did sound a bit hostile and desperate though. Its weapon was pointed straight at them without any sign of trembling or faltering. It hissed at intervals throughout the speech.


Things happened very quickly next.


Jack was about to address the alien again, when there was a blurry motion at the corner of his eye. Then he heard the by now familiar sound of sniffles and hiccups. He kept one eye on the alien and tried to see the new arrival with the other. But it was Ianto’s movement towards the newcomer that solidified the identity in his mind. Orion!


As Ianto made a move to grab his son, the alien freaked and shot in that direction. Time slowed down into slow-motion for Jack. He saw the blue bolt of energy shoot out of the gun and head straight for his family. With determination he flung his own body in its path, grabbing Ianto as it hit. They both went down with a crash right in front of Orion. The baby - now in human form - quivered his lower lip, hiccupped and began crying loudly. Owen rushed over and grabbed the child. Gwen had the alien covered, but it was making no moves toward them. In fact it had lowered its weapon halfway, though it kept a sharp eye on Gwen.


Ianto was lying on his stomach with Jacks dead body on top of him. He had not been hit by the energy bolt, but Jack had knocked the wind out of him. He could hear his son crying and he wanted nothing more than to get to him. His desire lent him the strength he needed to wrestle free from underneath Jack.


While Ianto was occupied, Owen did what he could to calm Orion. He held him close and rocked him up and down gently, shushing him. The alien, he noticed, was looking at him funnily - or rather at Orion. Just as Ianto gained his footing the alien moved closer. Gwen shouted for it to stop and threatened it with her gun. She was ignored. Owen stepped back. The alien was huge - at least 3 meters tall, muscular and with sharp looking teeth. He opened his mouth to plead irrationally for his and Orion’s lives, when the alien stopped its progress and began singing.


It was the most beautiful song they had ever heard. The song had an otherworldly sound to it; a kind of song you would expect from mythological legends and movies about fairy tales. They could not understand the words, but that didn’t matter.


Ianto scrambled over to Owen and took Orion from him. Orion was still crying, though it was not as strong now. Ianto hugged him tight and looked into the alien’s eyes; they were smiling. Orion squirmed a little and Ianto loosened his grip, just enough for the baby to turn in his arms. Orion looked at the alien and snuggled his head under Ianto’s chin. As the alien continued to sing Orion slowly calmed down. He pulled away from Ianto’s chin again, looked at the alien and smiled sweetly.


“You nice lady. I like you. Babies okay?” he said. Though to the humans it sounded like that musical language the alien spoke. And that was exactly what it was, Tosh would later explain to them in detail. The baby had demonstrated the effectiveness of the innate ability that all Saluvian children have of absorbing information from others, including languages.


The alien looked understandably surprised. She had not expected anyone to understand her - least of all some stranger’s offspring.


“My children are fine, Little One. How did you know about them?” her melodic voice chimed at him. She moved her hand to the top of her stomach and into the barely visible pouch-opening there. Orion scrunched his brows in speculation. It was difficult to explain, since he had yet to learn the words and the people around him didn’t have the proper concepts for it in the first place. He had seen the energy that was their life-forces and their auras, as well as a heat signature that was higher around her stomach area - and when he had focussed on it, he saw three distinct blobs of concentrated heat. But how was he to explain it to her?


“Me saw them… heat, colour…” he frowned. She looked at him questioningly.


“You have thermal vision?”


“What’s going on?” Jack’s loud voice interrupted their little tête-à-tête. He had finally come back from the dead and was now approaching them. Gwen and Owen were hanging back a little, uncertain how to handle the situation. Gwen still had her gun pointed at the alien, though she seemed to have forgotten about it. Owen was just quietly observing the goings-on. Ianto looked at Jack with a sense of relief. The situation was just getting stranger by the moment and he felt better knowing that Jack would be there.


“Orion’s speaking with the alien in its own language. I should have enough for a translation soon.” Toshiko said over the comms. Jack put his arm around Ianto’s waist and looked at the alien with a half smile. He didn’t take his eyes away from it as he bent down and planted a kiss on Orion’s head. The alien was looking at him in shock – probably at seeing him alive and unharmed.


“What’s Orion doing here?” he asked them all in general. The alien didn’t seem threatening now, but he still kept an eye on it.


“Me had a bad dweam, Daddy.” Orion said, looking very sad again. Ianto looked at Jack.


“I think we need to set up some rules regarding teleportation.” He said. Jack nodded.


“But nice lady sing to me. Make me all better.” Orion beamed at them and at the alien.


“Nice lady?” Orion bobbed his head up and down in an exaggerated affirmation and pointed at the alien. She was looking from one to the other curiously. It didn’t take a Martori-fusion engineer to understand that they were talking about her.


“She has babies too, Tad.” He said to Ianto, thinking he would like to know that. “Three babies.” He held up three fingers.


“You can talk to her?” Jack asked. If they could talk to her, then maybe they could still sort this thing out. Toshiko’s translator was anything but reliable. Ianto gave him a warning glance which Jack ignored. Orion nodded.


“Would you ask her name and why she is here?” he carefully asked. Ianto frowned disapprovingly, but Jack figured that he was already so much in the doghouse that one more transgression didn’t matter.


“Okay Daddy.” He looked at the alien woman. “Me is called Orion,” he said to her. She smiled at him as she looked down at them. “You?”


“My name is Kali-ra, Little one. Are these your parents?” she asked softly. Orion nodded.


“Yes, Tad is holding me, but Daddy call him Ianto, and that’s Daddy, but Tad calls him Jack.” He twisted a little so he could point at the others. “And that’s Gwen and Mean Man, but Daddy says me not call him dat and call him Owen. And Tos-iko and Myfanwy at home.” He struggled to say the dinosaur’s name, but it was important for him to point out the missing members of his family. Kali-ra chuckled at his breathless introduction.


The humans had caught the gist of the introduction upon hearing their names and familial titles. But they didn’t understand what the alien had said. But it was a good sign that the alien woman was laughing. Wasn’t it? Jack thought so as he stroked Orion’s soft hair with one hand. Orion looked at him and seemed to remember the other part of the question.


“Daddy wants to know why you here?” he said to her. She stopped chuckling and looked sad. She sighed with a look of defeat.


“My ship is broken. I need to fix it, so I can go home to my mate. I thought I could find some usable metal alloys here.” She indicated the bins and containers. Orion looked thoughtful before he broke into a grin. Beaming at her he said:


“Maybe Tos-iko can help? She good with ‘puters and masines… mash… machines.” He looked so proud at having gotten the word right, they all smiled at him. Even the humans who couldn’t understand the conversation had sensed his struggle to pronounce the word and his sense of accomplishment was radiating off him like sunshine from the sun.


“What about me?” Toshiko asked over the comms having heard her name.


“We don’t know yet. They’re still talking.” Gwen answered her quietly. Orion heard her though having better than human hearing. He looked at his Tad and Daddy and proceeded to tell them what had been said so far. Jack glanced respectfully at Kali-ra and moved Ianto, Orion and himself over to Gwen and Owen. Kali-ra kept a watchful eye on them but went back to searching for usable materials.


“Opinions! Options!” Jack demanded when they were out of earshot. Gwen, Owen and Jack were all keeping an eye on Kali-ra, while Ianto was seeing to Orion. The boy was getting heavy and he shifted him onto his other arm. It the kid kept growing at the same rate then he would be too heavy to lug around like this by Christmas.


“She seems friendly enough. If it is her ship as Tosh suspects that’s cloaked at Sevenoaks Park, then let’s help her and send her on her way.” Ianto stated. Owen nodded.


“I’m with Tea-boy, Boss. There’s no point locking her up. She didn’t come through the Rift; she has the means and the will to leave. So let’s help her.” Gwen nodded in agreement.


“What about you, Tosh?” There was no reply. “Tosh? Toshiko?!” Then they heard a crash and Tosh’s scream.


“Myfanwy no!”


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