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Ch. 9 Rubber gloves and telephones

Oh BTW, this chapter starts with a bit of a make-out session between the boys. I cut it before it becomes too graphic, but if you want to, you can skip down to the first line breaker.



Ianto was in the kitchen washing up while waiting for the coffee to get ready. It was the last Sunday before Christmas and the rest of the team had the day of. The rift predictor claimed it would be a quiet day, so they had decided to take it easy. Jack had volunteered to fetch breakfast and should be back any moment. Ianto smiled at the thought of his lover. The man was impossible. One moment he was infuriating him and the next he would go and do something wonderful. It made for an interesting life that was for sure.


He heard the door to the Hub open and Jack’s voice echoing.


“Honey, I’m home.” Ianto was briefly reminded of Fred Flintstone and had to chuckle at the thought of Myfanwy throwing Jack outside for the night. ‘Oh, wait, that was a sabre-toothed tiger that did that, not a dinosaur.’


“Out here.” He called back and finished up. Jack came in, leaned in the doorway and leered at him, as he saw him pulling the yellow rubber gloves off. Ianto waited for the joke he knew would come.


“Love the smell of rubber in the morning.” Jack winked. Ianto rolled his eyes good naturedly.


“That was corny, even for you.”


“I think you mean horny.” He said and moved in close. He put his freezing cold hands on Ianto’s sides and moved one of them below his shirt. Ianto squealed.


“You’re cold!” he felt like such a girl sometimes.


“I know. Why don’t you warm me up?” Jack kissed him, making it impossible for Ianto to remember to protest. Ianto moaned softly into his mouth as Jack moved one hand down to grope his arse. Their kissed deepened, becoming more passionate. Ianto flung his arms around Jack; soon he was grabbing, groping, holding.


“Ngh… Jack” he breathed. Jack smiled and intensified his actions. Soon the young Welshman would be putty in his hands. He moved to kiss, bite and lick the young man’s neck, jaw and every other available patch of skin. He heard his name uttered again in a moan followed by something unintelligible presumably in Welsh. He licked up the edge of his lover’s ear and whispered sensuously, making sure to blow his breath into Ianto’s ear:


“Where’s Junior?” Ianto shivered. His need growing obvious against Jack’s thigh. They were both panting.


“Nest… sleep…ngh... aaah.” was the stammered response. Jack smiled wickedly and continued.




Orion stirred slowly, not wanting to wake just yet. He could feel the comforting presence of Myfanwy behind him and her wing covering him like a blanket. He loved sleeping in her nest and cuddling up next to her. He stretched his arms over his head and yawned. Myfanwy shifted slightly but remained asleep. He reached out his awareness toward her, gently touching her dream. She dreamt of soaring through the sky; scattering a flock of seabird and laughing at them. He carefully moved out of her dream, so as not to wake her.


Then he turned his attention to the other members of his family. He traced the links to each of them; following the tiny thread of telepathic connection to first Toshiko, whom he found reading a book at home. Then he moved on to Owen asleep in his bed, alone for once. Reluctantly he searched out Gwen as well. He didn’t have much of a connection with her. It was just a sense of her whereabouts and general status. She was home and seemed fine. That being settled, he then found Rhiannon, Mica, David and Johnny. They were having a pillow fight in Rhiannon and Johnny’s bedroom. That made him smile.


The strongest links were with his parents. His feelings for them were the strongest and they were also the closest in terms of distance. They were in fact below him in the kitchen. His Tad was standing by the kitchen counter, facing his Daddy, who was… Oh! Orion gasped and had his eyes been open they would have been huge. His Daddy had his Tad’s!… in his mouth! Gross! But they both seemed to like it. Very much so.


Orion shifted his awareness, so he instead could see the energy and the colours they were sporting. It took his breath away. It was a dazzling light show; their colours intermingling, pulsating and flowing all around them. Reds, pinks, gold, oranges, whites and blues. Like a beautiful, mesmerising fire. They were colours he had come to associate with feelings of love, passion and lust. A paler version was always flowing around and between his parents whenever he looked at them. Even when they argued or when Tad scolded Daddy for dying again. Though there had been other, darker colours mixed in then. No matter how far apart they were they always had a sort of ribbon of colours between them. Orion recognized it for what it was; a bond between mates.


He looked at his own bond. It wasn’t nearly as developed. In fact the only thing it told him, was that a) he had a mate b) that said mate was alive c) that the mate was safe and finally d) the relative distance and direction said mate was at in relation to him self. It did not tell him anything about his mate, like the gender or the name or their likes and dislikes. He sighed. Someday he’d go to his mate and find out.


He stretched his awareness out again and observed the city. It was buzzing with life; teeming with it. He could see the myriad of colours and energy signatures. Some of them grouped together in areas with flats and houses. Others moving about in strange isolated areas where one wouldn’t expect to find people. Like on top of tall building or below ground. It had taken him some time and practise to distinguish between people’s signatures and animal ones. Sure some of the animals were small, but a large dog didn’t look all that different from a small human, when it came to energy signatures.


He once again stretched his awareness further out. He wanted to someday be able to see the whole world like that. But for now he was stuck with observing Cardiff - and if he pushed himself, maybe a bit of the surrounding areas. He was disturbed from his practise session by the sound of a telephone ringing. He reeled in his mind and focused briefly on his parents. They paid it no notice. It rang again. He stretched and teleported to his Daddy’s office.


The phone was on the desk, next to a stack of papers, files, a Sudoku puzzle, an Ariltorian pasta maker, a Glock G21 automatic pistol and a ball made from rubber bands. Orion climbed up on his daddy’s chair with difficulty and rolled his eyes at the clutter. Knowing his Tad his Daddy would be in trouble. Especially leaving a weapon out in the open like that. Even Orion could see how irresponsible his Daddy could be at times. He bypassed the weapon and answered the phone.


“Hello? Orion speaking.” There was a hesitation on the other end of the line.


“Ehm, hello… to whom am I speaking?” an elderly, prim lady’s voice asked uncertainly. Orion rolled his eyes, the way he had seen his Tad do so many times.


“I’m Orion. I just told you that. Who are you?”


“Hmph, there is no need to be rude, child. Where is Captain Harkness? This is his number and I always speak to him or Mr. Jones.” She sounded rather miffed now. Orion stared at the phone for a moment incredulously.


“Uhm, he’s… they’re…” Orion didn’t really know what to tell her.


“Well, speak up, child. I do not have all day.” Orion blushed. Well, Tad and Daddy had told him to always speak the truth. Hadn’t they? Well, except about him being part alien and about Torchwood and all. He swallowed hard.


“Daddy’s in the kitchen licking Tad’s willy.”




In Scotland, somewhere in Balmoral Castle, an elderly woman spluttered and sprayed her tea most improperly out over her coffee table.




When Jack and Ianto finally emerged from the kitchen some time later, they noticed the lights being on in Jack’s office. They looked at each other and headed up there. What they found was Orion sitting cross legged in his Bob the builder sleepwear in Jack’s classic revolving chair, holding Jack’s phone to his ear and having a seemingly very earnest conversation about the merits of traditional building blocks to modern computer games. Orion looked at them and smiled the Harkness-trademark-smile, but continued with his conversation. Jack hadn’t even known the kid knew how to use a phone.


“Who are you speaking to?” Ianto half mouthed, half whispered to the child.


“Oh, hang on. Daddy and Tad are here now… sure…” he fiddled with the phone. “Go ahead, you’re on speaker phone now.” He leaned back in his chair and watched his parents. They were looking quizzically at him and at the phone.


“Hello Captain Harkness, Mr. Jones.” They both paled as they recognized the voice. “I’m sure I don’t need to introduce myself?” They both mumbled:


“No ma’am.” Ianto looked like he was about to stand to attention and salute.


“Your Majesty, what…” Jack began.


“Oh, zip it, Jack!” she interrupted. He closed his mouth with an audible click of his teeth. He had only just gotten her to talk to him again and now there was no telling how she would react. Calling Torchwood and getting a small child on the line instead was not at good thing.


“I called this number to talk to you, Captain, but instead I was informed by a child that you were most decidedly… busy.” ‘Holy fuck, she knows.’ Ianto’s face turned crimson in three seconds flat. Even Jack felt his ears heat up, though he wasn’t normally one to become embarrassed. He looked at his son. The imp had the audacity to sit there, red-faced, with his hand across his mouth trying his best to hold in the laughter.


“Then imagine my surprise, when said child informed me, that he is the son of your self and Mr. Jones, your employee.”


Jack made to argue, but before he could do more than open his mouth, the queen continued.


“Now, I have not spoken against your workplace-relationship. On the contrary, I have encouraged it. Having said that, I must confess myself to be greatly disappointed in you, Captain, and you, Mr. Jones.” By this time Ianto looked miserable (he really did like the grandmotherly woman and didn’t want her to be upset with them) and Jack seemed torn between shame and rebellion.


“How come none of you have thought to inform me of your parental status?” both Ianto and Jack jerked their heads up and locked eyes, in surprise. “Do I mean so little to you?” she was not above laying some guilt on them. Ianto opened his mouth, but no words came out.


“I mean, think of all the time I’ve missed. I could have had many more interesting chats with the delightful child.” They heard the chime of a clock in the background. The woman sighed.


“Oh, how sad. I must be off. I have a meeting in ten minutes. Orion dear?”


“Yes ma’am?” he sat up a little straighter.


“You have your self a nice Christmas now, you hear? Don’t spend too much time playing on the computers. Remember to also play real games.”


“Okay.” He told her.


“Mr. Jones, Captain? A merry Christmas to you too.” She said with a smile in her voice.


“And to you, ma’am.” The line died. Orion put the phone down and smiled radiantly at them.


“So, what’s for breakfast?”



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