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Trade Your Old Banger For a New Automobile - A Guide to the Scrappage Scheme

Since March 2009 the UK government, in partnership with all the vehicle manufacturers, has introduced a scheme which has permitted owners of old bangers (Skorv) to scrap their present cars and purchase new models for a discounted price tag. The discount getting provided consists of £1,000 of government money along with a matched £1,000 from the automobile manufacturer, meaning if you let go of one's existing automobile you might get £2,000 off the buy cost of a brand new 1.

The scheme has been funded by £300 million of government money and can last until either February 2010 or till the money runs out just before that date. This indicates a enormous 300,000 cars may be possibly bought through the scheme. Since the scheme started in March, over 60,000 new autos have already been sold, and similar schemes in other countries such as the Usa of America have already been so popular that they've had to finish the scheme months ago due to the influx in new automobile purchases!


It's hoped that by scrapping older vehicles and individuals getting brand new ones, this can not merely help to fund the ailing motor business but may also introduce greener vehicles to our roads. Advances in car manufacturing and technology have introduced a lot of new ways to cut down on carbon emissions, lowering our carbon footprints. The common complaint many motorists have made about newer automobiles is that they can not afford to get them and so this scheme is going to help influence individuals to buy newer vehicles instead of maintaining their older, much less efficient ones.

In order to be eligible for this scheme you should meet the following requirements:
o The automobile must have a valid MOT;
o The automobile must be registered before the 29th February 2000;
o You has to be the registered owner in the vehicle for a minimum of 12 months; and
o Your old vehicle requirements to become scrapped with a certificate of destruction.

You can find at present talks happening and an agreement getting created to potentially alter a few of these requirements to include much more automobiles. The conditions for scrapping vans are exactly the same as for vehicles and you can even scrap a van and get a vehicle, or vice versa. If you have any questions then you are able to ask at your neighborhood car dealership and they'll be happy to answer any questions and to talk about your alternatives.

If you aren't thinking about getting new vehicle or aren't eligible for the scrappage scheme and therefore want to purchase a top quality employed automobiles, contemplate the range of automobile credit and finance bargains obtainable on-line.

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