CHARLES MNENE - Biography (English)

Fact about Charles Mnene:


Full name: Charles Dieva Mnene


Height: 5'9


Born in:  Nairobi i Kenya


Birthday: 11. December 1985


Is: Actor


Active year: from 2003


sibling: Only Child






He is a very good actor there acting he's role so good, so you belive that it is real. The is the best actor in the world! If you ask me.


In Silent Witness act Keenan Barnes, where he is a gang leader for a gang. Keenan get a little boy, named Levi Harris to help Keenan and he's group with  their weapon. Levi's brother named Errol and Keenan and he's group have try to kill him, but an other gang get Errol and killed him, becuse Errol Harris don't wan't to be member the gang. Keenan's gang kill Levi Harris when they find out that Levi have talk to the police. But Levi is afraid for Keenan and the gang, and afraid for die.





In Dubplate Drama is it a serie, but it is  unintelligible but it is about a bandt the name "The Fame", it is a rap-group, and they are very popular. It is a music-drama, if you can call it that. But Devil die in the end. Devil is Charles Mnenes role.





In Fall Out is it about Emilie Banis and he's friends have kill a boy. Emilie Banis is Charles Mnenes role. Emilie Banis have kill the boy with he's friends, but Emilie Banis knew the boy there was killed, and they leave him. And after Emilie Banis have kill the boy, he is so sorry and guilty conscience for what he do to the boy. He know a girl names Snaice Roberts (Gugu Mbatha-Raw). Shanice and Emilie is in love, but Emilies friend Dwayne Edmonds (Alm Ameen) is in love with Shanice. And Alm Ammen have makes Silent Witness together, where he is a football coach.




It was Charles Mnenes grand mother there first realize he's big talent, when he was 6 years, where he fly around in Afrika, and lived places around the contry. He flew to England alone at the age of nine with only five shillings in his pocket and his passport and moved to Willesden, North West London.




A defining moment in his life was watching Laurence of Arabia at the age of 11 and this may have spawned his love for epic cinema. When he left high school, he studied Video Production and Drama at Westminster Arts College. Studying under Tracy 'O Leary, he was cast in Blue Orange, playing the character of Christopher. After only seven months, he kick-started his film career when playing Ben in The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael in 2003 while still in study. After completing his course, while attending an audition for The Chosen Ones cast by Chloe Emmerson, she introduced him to his agent.








Mnene is part of a Taveta tribe on the east coast of Kenya

Favorite cartoon is Boondocks.

In 2006, while rehearsing for the Balthall at Birmingham Repertory Theatre, his car flipped over 3 times on the duel carriage way. He miraculously survived to complete rehearsals and perform at the Balthall, directed by Nick Bagnall.

Favorite monologue Riis The Resistible se of Arturo.

Was trained by martial artists for Chromophobia.










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